Top 5 comfort foods

No matter how much talking students do of their need to eat healthy throughout the school year, the fact of the matter is that every student indulges once in a while. Be it after a messy night on the town, an excuse to procrastinate that paper, or consolation for the exam mark just posted, everyone feels the urge for that feel-good meal. And with none of the major fast-food players situated on campus, here is your guide to the best comfort food in the downtown core.

Warmington’s Bistro
42 George Street, Across from Post House

Warmington’s arguably has the best atmosphere of all the places on the list. There’s a bunch of crazy shit on the walls, sort-of giving off the feel you’re sitting in your grandparent’s kitchen. The hours seem to change everyday, and the service may not meet the definition of “fast”, but my goodness the food is tasty, and all of it is local. Go for lunch, get the mozza burger, have a pint of one of the microbrews on tap, and don’t forget to get lattice fries on the side – you won’t be disappointed.

55 Dalhousie Street

Admiral’s is an experience that no student can miss, if for nothing else, just to see the monstrous portions they offer. It’s true, anytime a friend comes down, I make them experience it. Most often frequented by students after the bar, Admirals could probably singlehandedly keep PEI’s potato market afloat with the quantities of fries they make. Unfortunately, the food is good too, making it hard to resist on a Thursday night. A university favourite is a simple order of chicken fingers with fries. Or, if you’re feeling brave, try the “junk pile.” Really, just try it.

Strodes Express
117 Market Street, Beside Imperial Hall

A smaller, walk-in version of the main Strodes restaurant in the North Park neighbourhood, this little barbecue place is not one to miss. With fast and ultra-friendly service, Strodes has made a name for itself as one of the premier lunch places downtown. While not ideal for a meal with friends or a study session, stop in on your way between classes, grab a Chicken Schnitzel, and savour it, while those sitting around you in the next lecture stare with jealousy.

Pasquale’s Meats & Deli
124 Dalhousie Street

The newest player downtown, Pasquale’s is quickly making a name for itself. Don’t let the bland décor scare you away, these guys know how to make a sandwich. Using secret homemade recipes, not even the two employees know the other one’s ingredients, the food is hard to resist. Arguably the best pulled pork sandwich in the city (and cheap too!), this is another spot to stop between classes for a quick bite.

Lonnie’s on Market
42 ½ Market Street, Across from Special Constables

Lonnie’s has come onto the scene in a big way over the past years, fiercely challenging Admirals for the best late-night spot (or, as fiercely as a competition between greasy spoons can be.) Boasting a broad menu including nine types of poutine and a cheap breakfast, Lonnie’s is the only 24-hour restaurant downtown. While the wait is a little long, the food is definitely worth it. Get the banquet burger with a side of poutine, and let the sweet bliss in the mouth end your evening right.

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