Party Places

1. Therapy Lounge
16 Market St. across from Williams
Located directly on campus, Therapy is a relatively new bar that has soon become a Laurier favourite. Don’t let the dark lighting and white furniture scare you away, this bar caters to students with live bands and fairly priced drinks. In the warmer weather there’s also a patio that’s perfect for splitting a pitcher with friends in between classes.

2. NV
234 Colborne St.
If you’re more into the club scene and you prefer to spend the night dancing, then NV is definitely for you. Most popular on “Thirsty Thursdays,” a night at NV promises $2.50 drinks until midnight, free admission for students, and top 40 remixes all night long. Slightly less noteworthy perhaps, a night at NV also promises at least one fight breaking out, booty shaking contests and absolutely disgusting washrooms. Either way, it’s always a night to talk about.

3. Jackhammers
155 Lynden Rd.
As NV’s biggest competition, Jackhammers is quite similar in both atmosphere and music choices. The main difference is that Jackhammers is located off campus and requires school buses to take students to and from the nightclub. The good news is that the school buses are free, they leave directly from campus, and they’re always an entertaining ride. If you feel too cool to ride up in a school bus, then free limo service can be provided for groups of 6 to 9 people.

4. The Piston Broke
393 Dalhousie St.
More of a friendly pub than anything, The Piston Broke offers a casual night of playing pool, eating nachos and having a few beers (choose from 13 draughts). With “Hockey Night Saturdays” and “Football Sundays,” The Piston is a great place to watch the game. Why not listen to their live music on Thursdays before heading over to NV or Jackhammers?

5. Brando’s on Market
135 Market St.
For those of you that are more adventurous, Brando’s is definitely the most eclectic bar downtown. With strange tropical decor all year round (think large palm trees and tiki huts), it’s the place to go if you want to see what else Brantford has to offer besides student life. You’ll most definitely meet interesting locals on a “Manic Monday Karaoke” night or an “Aloha Friday” dance and DJ night. Just make sure to take a friend with you, as you probably won’t run into many other students.

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