Brantford’s art scene

If you’re a budding artist coming to Laurier next year, and you’re worried about finding creative outlets in Brantford, then look no further than The Brantford Arts Block, located at 80 Dalhousie Street.

The Brantford Arts Block is a not-for-profit organization that hopes to encourage and foster local talent in the form of art, music, film, and theatre. Relatively new to downtown Brantford, the Arts Block is making a name for itself by offering community members a chance to participate in Brantford’s growing arts scene.

“There’s a bit of a stigma that we have downtown,” says Andrea Doherty, Summer Program Coordinator for the Arts Block. “We’re really trying to change that.”

With classes ranging from sculpting and painting to theatre workshops and stage fighting, any artist is sure to find something that they will enjoy.

Along with these classes, the Arts Block allows local artists to showcase their talent by selling items in the gift shop. Jewelry, CD’s, sketches, clothing, photography and books are just a few of the homemade items that are currently being displayed and sold. However, there is always an option for an artist to display something entirely new.

“We’re really fresh and really new,” says Doherty. “We go beyond art. We don’t discriminate in what we show.”

This absence of discrimination is what makes the Arts Block so unique to Brantford. Anyone hoping to show off their talent can do so, including student bands that are looking for somewhere to play.

The performance space at the Brantford Arts Block holds events such as music nights, poetry slams, theatrical performances, and coffeehouses. Every Monday, the Arts Block hosts “Hearts and Crafts” night, a community craft night that allows artists to show off their talent and mingle with other artists over free coffee.

Whether you’re interested in viewing some of the artwork displayed in the gallery, looking to rent out a space to perform, or hoping to sell some of your own items, the Arts Block is an organization that allows for almost anything.

“We’re very easy going and very flexible,” says Doherty. “We’re really just excited to have people in our space!”

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