Youth Trends

Because I Got High

A German study has found that young adults who use cannabis may have an increased risk of having psychotic experiences later in their lives. Dr. Jim van Os of Masstrich University Medical Center in the Netherlands, one of the researchers in this study, reported that that young adults who had never smoked cannabis and did not have psychotic symptoms were nearly twice as likely to develop symptoms of psychosis once they started to take the drug. The researchers believe that exposure to THC, the main psychoactive component in cannabis, makes the brain more vulnerable to psychotic episodes. Although cannabis has been associated with psychosis in prior studies, there is a debate as to whether the relationship is casual or whether it can be explained by use of cannabis to self-medicate for existing symptoms.

All About The Money

Around 150 students gathered outside a Montreal hotel on March 18 to protest tuition hikes. The provincial budget, which was unveiled the previous day, declared that tuition fees would rise by $325 per year for the next five years. After five years, this means it will cost $1,625 more to attend university in Quebec. Inside the hotel, Finance Minister Raymond Bachand spoke to members of the Montreal Chamber of Commerce. Bachand noted that Quebec students enjoy the lowest tuition fees in North America and must play a part in financing their education. Currently, Quebec students pay less than $2,000 a year in tuition.

Totally Eco-Friendly

SHIFT Delivery Co-op, a new business designed by five British Columbia University students, aims to deliver supplies in downtown Vancouver while reducing its environmental impact. The delivery service uses heavy-duty cargo trikes, which works well with Vancouver’s cycling infrastructure. The idea came from B-line, a Portland-based, sustainable, and urban delivery company. SHIFT Delivery Co-op was originally developed as a concept for a class project a year ago. The co-op, which has already formed partnerships with companies in Vancouver, plans to launch in May with two trikes to start.

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