Fresh faces to country music

“We have wanted it our whole lives,” says Carly McKillip, one half of the country music duo, One More Girl (OMG). “You get to a point where someone looks you in the eye and says, ‘how much do you want it?’ Not, ‘how well can you sing or play guitar?’ I am here to tell you I want this more than anything.”

Carly and her sister, Britt, are the newest faces on the country music scene and One More Girl gives you one more reason to proudly state, “I listen to Canadian music.”

The sisters from Vancouver performed their first headlining show at the Sanderson Center on March 24 and impressed their crowd with their flawless vocal talent. OMG performed many of the songs off their debut album and proved to audience members exactly why they have been signed to powerhouse record company EMI.

The sisters are only in their early twenties, but their live show gave audience members the impression that they are seasoned veterans. Their voices sound as good live, if not better, than what can be heard on their debut album Big Sky. But the girls both understand the uphill battle of being a top performer in the country music business.

“I would be happy if I was doing little shows in bars for the rest of my life as long as could do some sort of performing. This a lot more than we ever expected, so I think we are pretty lucky,” says Britt of their careers thus far.

Carly and Britt showed their pleasant personalities in between songs, chatting and joking with audience members. The show was a rare opportunity to see true musical talent and what could possibly be the next big thing in country music.

“The ultimate goal is to break into the States,” Britt says about their future. “We want to be heard.”

And the girls are doing everything they can to get there. When they say they want the big country careers they have dreamed of they were not kidding.

“Even if I am doing this when I am fifty, and I still haven’t reached my goal I’m going to keep going,” says Britt with the enthusiasm and passion that has made me a believer.

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