They spent how much?!

Money makes the world go ‘round, and what better way to take advantage of a big cash payout then to splurge on something– a nice purse, dinner for you and a friend, that killer pair of shoes or even a vacation?

But what if you were an A-list celebrity, and your “big cash payout” turned out to be more than a million dollars per episode, a couple million more for a box-office hit, and even more of that mighty green dollar from your various “entrepreneurial endeavours” such as a clothing, perfume, jewelry or shoe line?

Surely you would spend it on some fabulous, ridiculous or completely unnecessary things, just like these celebrities who are not only known for their work but also for their need to splurge.

Take Jennifer Lopez, for example. After her first two children were born, the pop diva hired a masseuse to provide her with constant care and a team of bodyguards to watch after her children, valuing at half a million dollars. She also reportedly lavished her newborns with gifts, including a pair of Shetland ponies and 600-thread-count sheets for the twins’ beds.

Next is “Posh Spice,” Victoria Beckham. Attempting to keep a keen eye on her appearance, she has spent over $44,000 on teeth whitening treatments, and was “gifted” a $250,000 customized Bentley from her and her husband’s new neighbours, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The Beckhams are now also the proud owners of a six-bedroom estate in Beverley Hills, equipped with six fireplaces, nine bathrooms and a swimming pool.

Beyoncé Knowles is known for her fierce attitude and fabulous, decadent wardrobe, but it is obvious that her designer duds cost a very pretty penny. Her gold-plated Balenciaga leggings from a 2007 BET performance cost $100,000, and were a separate purchase from the matching bra top.

With his and his wife’s total income being a whopping $33.5 million (in the 08/09 year alone!), it is no surprise that Tom Cruise likes to spend his hard-earned cash. He is said to own three private jets, has spent over a million dollars in fuel in one year alone and is reported to have one of the biggest carbon footprints in America.

Finally, it should come as no shock that one of the biggest – and most ridiculous – celebrity splurgers is Nicolas Cage. His recurring role as a man who makes a deal with the devil must have inspired him to get up to some absolutely sinful spending. He has purchased several yachts, a jet, a castle, over 50 cars, over $1 million worth of comic books, several mansions and some shrunken heads, just to name a select few of his odd, luxurious buys. Oh, and did we mention he is broke now?

With the days of Con-Air long behind him, it seems the shitty movie making will continue for Cage as he tries to pay for all his frivolous finds. A word of warning to the other celebs on this list: take some notes from the Book of Cage or you will be selling your soul to the movie-making devil too.

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