Re: “Hey, WLUSU – where are my ladies at?” by Kiley Bell – from The Sputnik, March 2

I believe the women who volunteer and work for WLUSU Brantford also inspire female empowerment, deserve to be celebrated and not completely disregarded.

The article focused on a lack of female interest in student politics, and politics itself – but being involved in WLUSU Brantford is being involved in student politics. BCC is an advisory committee to the board of directors in Waterloo and not the only facet to represent the students’ interests at Laurier Brantford. The Brantford Operations Team for 2010/2011 consisted of Scott Martins (EVP) as well as Holly Kaiser, Michelle Mecca and Amanda Scaramozzino as AVPs. All three AVPs are fourth year female students in the Concurrent Education program at Laurier Brantford.

The claim that women are not in representational positions is diminished by the fact that a female (Holly Kaiser, current AVP:O) will be stepping into the role of EVP:Brantford next year. Executive Vice President: Brantford is essentially the de facto president for the Brantford Students’ Union.

My response is mostly fueled by the negative tone I received while reading the article. Women are strongly represented at the Laurier Brantford campus within the Students’ Union, our faculty and staff; this should be celebrated.

  • Jessica Buckle

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