Tech and printing shop to descend on campus

– Kristen Curtis, Student Life Editor

There is a new addition to Laurier Brantford’s retail options – a tech and printing shop has opened on the first floor of the Research and Academic Centre East.

Located in the new Research & Academic Centre’s East Wing, the TechShop offers printing services, computer accessories, computer ink, blank CDs and DVDs, head phones, ipads, ipods, imacs, laptops, a photo finishing machine and computer repairs.

The TechShop opened on October 25 and will hold their grand opening on November 25.

The store caters to the needs of Laurier Brantford staff and students, as well as members of the community.

According to Raj Singh, an employee at the store who operates the printing machines, the store would like to serve the community as there is a need. “We’re really trying to push that and be available to the community,” he said.

He says that the TechShop even changed their business cards, which had the Laurier letterhead on them to appeal to and include the community.

Singh would like people to know that, “We are open to the public and Laurier community; and we fix computers really well.”

Singh says that the store has a laid back atmosphere – especially in comparison to past jobs that he has had. He has been working at the TechShop for about two or three weeks now.

Lynsay Wellhauser, a graduate of Laurier’s Waterloo campus, is the manager of the TechShop. She would like people to know that the TechShop exists as many people walking by have never seen it before, though they have been open for a couple of weeks now.

She encourages students, especially those in concurrent education, to use their printing services as they will need to prepare their teaching kits very shortly. Wellhauser says that the store is competitively priced; is closer than other stores with similar services and is faster than anywhere else.

n addition to adding a much-needed service to the Laurier Brantford landscape, the store also prides itself on adding a new opportunity for student employment. Much like the largely student employed shops and food services on the Waterloo campus, the TechShop’s workforce is made up entirely of students.

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