Sweater weather time

It’s autumn — the leaves are falling, the days are shorter, and it’s time to pull on our sweaters.

Almost all of us probably remember when “Sweater Weather” by the Neighbourhood came out in 2012; it was a simpler time. Since then, The Neighbourhood has come out with three full-length albums. Their most recent, self-titled, was released this past March.

It’s full of the same slow beats and calm tones as the band’s first album, “I Love You. The lead single of the album, “Scary Love”, has a slightly darker feel than something like “Sweater Weather”, with lyrics focusing on not being good enough for the one you care about.

The whole album creates this feeling — sad lyrics that emote a cold day at the beach. In a way, “The Neighbourhood” is a coming-of-age album: it’s about everything that comes from growing up that doesn’t have the feel-good message that most movies and tv shows try to portray.

It’s about what it can feel like on the inside, the loneliness, the change, and the adjustments. An example is “Nervous”, the third track off the album. In the first verse, lead singer Jesse Rutherford, sings “Last year I fell flat on my face/And last month I knew something should change/Last week I started over again,” with just enough emotion that you know he’s really felt it.

Much like “Nervous”, the album’s 10th track, “Reflections”, is also centred around looking back: “I tried to put it out for you to get/Could’ve, should’ve but you never did”. It’s a mix of something old and something new — the nostalgia that comes with moving forward.

For many, fall is a time of change; it’s full of looking back and looking forward. The Neighbouhood encompases this well in this record, and it’s something many of us may be able to relate to right now as we newly enter autumn.  

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