‘Soul’ Celebrates Black History Month

– Aaleya Waslat, staff

February 1 marks the start of Black History Month and Laurier Brantford student group, Soul is commemorating African Americans and Canadians who have stood up for freedom and human rights.

Soul,which started in 2011, has been working to commemorate Black History Month with a theatrical production for students. The members of the group are reminding everyone of those who have passed away but left their voice for the African American community as well as the rest of the world to be able to see freedom and human rights.

“The club exists to raise awareness in the Laurier Brantford community about Black heritage and more specifically about the contributions blacks have made in society. In doing this, it will decrease the negative as well as empower the next generation to drive and eliminate stereotypes.” said Niwa Sumary, a devoted member of the group.

In honour of Black History Month, the group is presenting “a mini-production on February 28 to show the transition of the cultures in the past generation to the modern cultures today” says Melody Gentles, who is also a member group of the group.

Black History Month was created to remind North Americans of those who  have contributed to the history of African Americans. The month long celbration also  recognizes African Americans who have contributed  nationally, scientifically and socially as well as politically to the whole world. 

At Laurier, Soul successfully put up a booth on Wednesday February 8, 2012. The students who participated at a prepared game had the opportunity to either win a Tim Hortons gift card or chocolate. Members of Soul represented different countries and the participating student would play the role of a salve and with a passport they would travel from one country to another to be safe. If they could answer intellectual questions asked by the members of Soul, they could travel to the next country. Whoever made it to the end would receive the gift card.

“We had many students participating and even a professor came to participate,” said Melody Gentles, a first year Laurier student and member of Soul.

Rashida Forbes, a member of Soul reminds people that Black History Month is important and that anyone can commemorate the accomplishments and struggles of the black community.

“Celebrating black history is not limited to black communities,” says Forbes.

Soul was created to the honor all the young African Americans students who passed away through the wars as a reminder, that not everyone has the right or the opportunity to study at university

The objective is to explore and celebrate African Caribbean black tradition in order to educate the Laurier Brantford community of our rich and diverse heritage” says Forbes.

Soul will be hosting their first Black History Month presentation on February 28 between 3 and 5 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room.

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