Snow day closes Laurier

Snow days aren’t just for kids. Laurier Brantford students gave a collective sigh of relief this past Friday morning as they realized the campus was closed for the day and all classes were cancelled. The closure was caused by a massive snow storm that hit the Brantford area Thursday night and into Friday, dumping around 30 centimetres of snow.

All schools in Brantford were closed, as well as many other businesses and facilities, but it was not just Brantford that was hit. All of Southern Ontario was affected by the storm with nearly every university and college shut down except Windsor and Toronto. Although the storm was forecasted ahead of time, it still caught many people by surprise as the snow had not even started until four in the morning.

This could not have come at a better time as it is right in the middle of midterm season. All exams and projects have been pushed back, giving students a long weekend to get work done and to relax. While this may have caused classes and workloads to be crammed this week, it is manageable as there is no school the following week due to reading week.

Environment Canada said that Friday’s storm was the biggest snow storm in the area in four years. Snow removal had already been an issue in Brantford during the last couple weeks, so the city will have their hands full for the next couple of days. By Sunday evening, all major roads in the city had been plowed, but most residential streets had yet to be cleared. Warmer weather was expected for the following few days after the storm including rain, which may help to reduce the snow a bit. However, big piles of plowed snow will stick around, making it hard to find parking.

Whether you enjoyed the snow fall or not, it was certainly a different and crazy scene around town. Snowmobiles were passing cars on King George road and it was common to see people getting out of their vehicles to help push other cars.

Snow is loved by some and hated by others, but we can all agree that snow days are great. Unless of course, you already have Fridays off.

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