Nova vita offers a helping hand

Over the course of the three days from November 6 to 8, a new charity drop-off donation spot has been set up on behalf of Nova Vita through the Human Rights and Human Diversity Students Association. 

The leads of each group worked in conjunction to bring forth this first-ever clothing drive for Nova Vita, which helps support abused women and children in Brantford. Nova Vita’s clothing drive has been off to a wonderful start, with large boxes being filled with clothing and toiletries that are absolutely essential to the victims of domestic violence.  

“People always have things to donate and if you’re for helping victims of domestic violence, I think it would be a good idea to bring it back,” said Vanessa Macedo, president of the Human Rights and Human Diversity Students Association.  

While this is the first event, there is a good chance of this drive re-occurring in months to come. 

“Our association frequently donates to various organizations, but I think it’s important to choose which organizations. Nova Vita is local, we should support the people here,” said Macedo. The association also holds bake sales for various other charities. A major upcoming event includes a conference with the Law Students Association, where a lawyer has been invited to discuss their experiences on topics of interest to both groups.  

“For the number of people impacted by abuse, women and children in Brantford, I think it’s a significant and glaring problem that we need to address,” said Macedo. 

Nova Vita Domestic Violence Prevention Services is a shelter and organization geared towards abused women and children. The organization has been running since 1983 right here in Brantford to offer help, hope and healing to abused women and children. 

Nova Vita offers four core confidential services: programs, ongoing support, assistance and counselling. Programs exist to help children and youth rebuild self-esteem; ongoing support helps women build confidence and self-reliance through transitional housing and support services; assistance helps women and children who are trapped in an abusive home through outreach visits and workshops; and counselling is geared towards individuals who are at risk of being abusive towards their partners.  

Under these four fundamental categories, Nova Vita offers numerous services, such as their 24-hour crisis line and their residential services, which that accommodate 33 women and children. 

Nova Vita is empowered through their committed staff and the support of donors and partners that help push it to aid all those who need it. Partners include the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Brant United Way and the city of Brantford 

The Human Rights and Human Diversity Students Association is an open association that anyone can join regardless of major. It gears its activities towards human rights and regularly puts on events. 

Keep an eye out for the next time this event returns and be sure to lend a helping hand to Brantford’s victims of domestic abuse. Nova Vita and the Human Rights Association are without a doubt taking a step in the right direction towards making a positive change. 

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