New boutique opens downtown

Alt Boutique is a new streetwear shop set right in the middle of downtown Brantford, adding a much-needed business catered for the students.  

“Streetwear is a lot of things, it’s something edgy, not normal, wearable, comfortable and easily accessible,” said Justin Lowe, owner of Alt Boutique.  

Alt serves to fill the gap between the people of Brantford and streetwear.  

“I realized there’s a lot of fashionable, creative, cool people in the city and they just weren’t being catered to,” said Lowe. 

Lowe has worked retail for 12 years in stores like Jean Machine. Realizing a huge potential, Alt Boutique wants to allocate all the right products to the people here in Brantford. 

“A lot of what I’ve been noticing is the international students coming here and expressing their fashion and it’s super inspiring what they’re doing,” said Lowe. 

Alt carries clothes primarily from Canadian brands such as Kuwalla and Buffalo for the men, with styles like bombers and distressed, deconstructed fabrics. For women, Alt carries clothes from C’est Moi that focus on comfortable knits and athletic wear like scarves and leggings. Alt’s most popular items are the line of jewellery they carry from Emery & Opal sourced from Ottawa that includes gold-plated necklaces and bracelets. 

“We also carry collaborative items like the candles and salts from Bathtub Bakery, a bath product line,” said Lowe. 

Lowe’s decision to open a store here in Brantford comes from how he grew up in Brantford. As a native he’s gotten to know the Brantford community and realizes there’s much opportunity, especially with the students milling about. Alt Boutique held it’s opening on October 16. 

“Alt is a store where students and people working can come in a space where you could browse, no crazy sales expectations. A laid back, fun environment,” said Lowe. 

While a lot of the stock is fall apparel, Alt has men’s winter coats ready to be brought out soon, and many more things to come. Be sure to check out this up-and-coming store on Instagram, Facebook and at 130 Dalhousie Street. 

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