Golden Hawk limelight: Nicole Dilliot

Nicole Dilliot. Cody Hoffman
Nicole Dilliot. Cody Hoffman

“Yay! I love nice things!” she says first when she enters the room.

Her roommate, Katie Monacois, is talking about her.

“Everyone knows Nicole. Everybody loves Nicole. And she’s always so positive,” Monacois says.

To those who know her, Nicole Dilliott is a fun-loving, responsible student. She has been a very active member of the Laurier Brantford community ever since arriving on the campus. She involved herself in several groups and clubs as a general volunteer, and is now a coordinator of the LB Food Bank.

Admittedly, her involvement with the Food Bank takes up most of her time. In the past, she was involved with Residence Athletic Council, Eco Hawks and Laurier Students for Laurier. The time commitment involved with being a coordinator has caused her to drop out of these clubs, though she still keeps busy. In addition to her dedication to acting as the coordinator of Food Bank, she was also an Orientation Week icebreaker, and a member of Nippissing Student Ambassadors.

Growing up in a small town, Dilliott learned very quickly how to keep busy. In high school, she became involved in student affairs as much as she could, and has continued that trend into university. She says it helps keep her in a routine.

“It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But for me, it’s how I operate. The busier I am, the better person I am,” Dilliot says of her diligence.

She adds that keeping up this hectic lifestyle has helped her grades. It certainly isn’t the typical life of a university student, but it shows the hard work and dedication that Nicole puts in.

Though she clearly enjoys all of her clubs, she says that the Food Bank gives her a certain satisfaction. She especially likes the anonymous food giveaways, where the Food Bank drops off a food donation to a locker for those who need it. Her recent giveaways have been received with much gratitude.

“People write letters in the lockers saying how much they appreciate it. That’s the most rewarding of them all. You’re actually helping people,” Dilliot comments.

You can hear the excitement in her voice when she speaks about her Food Bank activities. Her face lights up as she talks about their next event, a grilled cheese giveaway this Thursday.

As thrilled as she feels to be part of the clubs she’s in, Nicole’s even happier when her placement is announced. Dilliott is a Concurrent Education student and is at her peak of enjoyment when she’s in the classroom. Volunteering has helped her in teaching situations, but the majority of her experience comes from actually being the student. She admits to enjoying university education, but admits that she’s just waiting in anticipation to start teaching.

“Helping kids out, that’s what I like to do,” she says.

When asked what the future holds, Dilliot pointed to teaching, once again emphasizing that it is her passion. As much as she likes to plan her days out, she embraces the unknown, being able to take a walk on the spontaneous side.

“Every day is a different day. Something new is going to happen.”

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