Board of Governors Platforms

Adam Kovacs*

Laurier is a community that has experienced events trying to divide us. With what has happened recently we need leaders to act as role models to unite us. However, the people we have elected to be our role models and help show we are united are divided themselves. That is why, I, Adam Kovacs am running to be apart of the Board of Directors and on the Board of Governors. To recruit better role models, I propose we look at the current election policy and change it to reflect our current values and encourage more leaders to run. I want the election to be more publicized, so people know what is at stake and be excited for the election. Finally, I want to bring back the Board of Directors Vision Committee to interpret what the strategic vision is and the best way to work towards it.

Karan Sarathy* 

My name is Karan Sarathy, and I’m a 4th year Biology student running for the WLU senate position. As a member of the WLU senate, I assure you that your voices will be heard. Through senatorial processes, I seek to bring forth policies that can help students achieve their Academic goals as well as introduce a new set of courses that prepares students for Graduate or Professional school. Furthermore, I plan to advocate for a new Law School which can enhance Laurier’s reputation in Canada. My vision is to help make Wilfrid Laurier University more competitive, while maintaining and improving student satisfaction. As for personal experience, I’ve been proactive in multiple organizations throughout my undergrad career. Having been an executive in the WLU Pre-Dental Society, I understand the importance of good governance. Based on this experience, I’m confident in my ability to lead. With your vote, we can bring change!

Klaudia Wojtanowski

My name is Klaudia Wojtanowski and I am a second year business student aspiring to minor in both Political Science and French. Currently I am a Residence Life Don and serve on the Board of Directors for the Students’ Union where I represent and advocate not only for first year students but the entire undergraduate population of both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses. I would like to earn the position on the Board of Governors to provide the perspective of the undergraduate student as it relates to the strategic direction of the university. I would strive to ensure that the Students’ Union acts in the best interest of students by promoting a safe, inclusive and accessible experience both academically and socially. It would be an honour to represent the voice of undergraduate students as Laurier endeavours to grow and strive for the ultimate student experience.

*Indicates a candidate for multiple positions with the same platform summary.

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