2018 WLUSP Candidate Platforms

Presidential Candidate: Terrence Mroz

During my time as an undergraduate at Wilfrid Laurier University I have had the pleasure of holding several positions within WLUSP including: Arts & Life writer for The Cord, Radio Laurier DJ, Radio Laurier Program Director, and now Station Manager of Radio Laurier. These experiences have allowed me to create and maintain  strong

relationships across all departments and publications. These experiences have translated into considerable knowledge in producing both on-air and print content, generating profit, executing administrative tasks, and leadership skills.


WLUSP is one of Canada’s premiere student publication bodies and is a home for Laurier students and community members to express and develop themselves through their creativity. Additionally, WLUSP has become a second family to those who belong to it. I’m grateful every day for the opportunity to work with our wonderful volunteers and assist publications in achieving their respective goals.

Looking forward to next year, I will take the skills I’ve acquired in my years as a senior member and continue to make WLUSP a haven of creativity and professionalism. Specifically, I will and increase the presence of smaller publications on campus and in the community, increase revenue through local events, and maintain changes implemented this year by the current President & Publisher, and publication heads. I’ve already personally seen the positive impact as a result, and will continue this trend of growth.

I look forward to the opportunity to prove myself as your next President & Publisher of Wilfrid Laurier Student Publications.

Board of Director Candidates

Shyenne MacDonald

I have been working for WLUSP for two years, as a member of The Cord. First as a News editor and now as the Arts and Life editor. Because of this my values and vision work in tandem with the conglomerate values and vision.

Such values are freedom of the press, an understanding of our service to the community, the pursuit of the truth. As well, a vision to be the premier student media organization in Canada.

As Director of the Board, I will help to ensure that WLUSP does not stray from our mission to engage and challenge Laurier University, that we remain a trustworthy source of media for our community, and we continue to strive for accessibility.

This will be accomplished by holding President and Publisher, as well Executive Director accountable and ensuring we are all in compliance with our values, visions, and mission along with the law.


 Maiya Mistry

I am eager to announce that I will be running for a position on the Wilfrid Laurier Student Publications Board of Directors. I strive to utilize my strong administrative skills in order to continue building upon the Student Publications organization. My organization, determination, and critical thinking skills provide me with the tools needed in order to successfully develop and help guide the board into future directions. As both a leader and team member, I understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the board and of fellow students, and so, my goal is to ensure that the students’ voices which have projected their values and needs are being met and respected. As a student on the Brantford campus, it is also my goal to further integrate and incorporate ideas from both campuses in order to provide students with insight which has been developed from many Laurier perspectives.

                 Garrison Oosterhof

Laurier’s student publications are integral to the structure of the university as a whole. From the responsibilities of the campus and community newspapers to the services of the yearbook and day planners, Laurier would be lacking without the presence of each publication. Personally, WLUSP has given me the experience necessary to focus my academic learning. I am currently in my second year of working with The Cord and throughout that time I have found my university experience beginning to trend in a meaningful direction. If elected to be on the Board of Directors I will be proud to preserve the integrity of the organization and will enable each publication to create the best possible content. I will rely on my passion for journalism and my organizational skills to serve the Laurier community and be critical of the direction of the organization for our continued success.

                  Daniel Vandenbor

As an outsider from the WLUSP team I aim to bring more than a fresh perspective to the decision making process. I will be a representative of the student body as a whole, giving a voice to students who do not find themselves involved with WLUSP operations. My goal as director is to foster and promote an atmosphere of inclusion, equity and integrity. I will do this by ensuring that every motion passed embodies the ideal values representative of a forward minded and intellectually driven campus. Furthermore, I will provide a focus on accountability and balance to any decision I face in order to ensure the continual growth and good function of WLUSP throughout the year.

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