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Osman Alwi
My name is Osman Alwi and I am a first year Criminology student at Wilfrid Laurier University’s Brantford campus. I am running for a position in the board of directors to reassure improvements in the strategic direction of students’ union. My goal is to provide all Laurier Golden Hawks with the best university experience by ensuring the amelioration of current policies. If elected, I will use my position to provide further communications through social media and other platforms. These platforms will be utilized to further the improvements in both Waterloo and Brantford campuses. I will ensure to work with other members of the board efficiently to accomplish desired goals set out for the students’ union. Ultimately, one of my main focuses will be to enhance the benefits of all Golden Hawks, work to strengthen the community and build the future of Wilfrid Laurier.

Adam Beck
My name is Adam Beck and I am running for election to become a Director of the Wilfrid Laurier University Student’s Union Board (WLUSU). I am in the 3rd year of my Political Science degree with Social Entrepreneurship and Community Engagement Options. These fields of study have helped and will continue to help me develop skills that make me a prime candidate for the 2018 WLUSU election. With the Laurier student body growing rapidly, I want to make sure that the way our school functions grows with it. A vote for me is a vote that guarantees Laurier’s ability to effectively adapt to the constantly evolving expectations of a university experience. Working with other directors, I will ensure that the voices of ALL students are heard and will represent the student body with integrity, accuracy and equality.

Owen Bourrie

My goal is to look at the future of Laurier and improve it to the best of my abilities. I want to make the university an environment where all students can not only survive, but thrive. In order to do this, I want to advocate for more study spaces on a permanent basis, not just during exams and midterms. I want to expand the writing centre appointments and drop in hours so more students can get help. Additionally, to the future of Laurier I also have goals that are attainable for my current time on the Student Board of Directors. Wi- Fi improvements all across campus as that is one of student’s largest complaints. There can be improvements to mental health facilities so students who are non-emergent still have help available. Lastly, improvements in club resources for all students’ union clubs, including accountability to the students’ union itself for budgeting.


Christopher Donnelly*
My name is Christopher Donnelly and I am doing a double major in history and political science. I am running for both a position on the Board of Directors as well as the Senate.
The Students Union and the Senate interest me because I want to give the most to our members, the students, in both academics and student life. Through passion, dedication, transparency, and accountability I hope to ensure that the student’s interests as well as the management teams are both noted and followed. I want to continue to be a role model and an advocate of the social responsibility at Laurier. Through my previous experiences in my first year, and my experiences so far in my second year, I deeply care for the Laurier Community and the Laurier Students. I strongly believe that if elected we will make our home an even better place than it already is.

Kareem Elliot

Sameed Hussain* 
My name is Sameed Hussain and I am a first year Criminology student at Laurier! My
love for this University has encouraged me to run as a candidate for the positions of Students’
Union Board of Directors and the Senate. As a Director of the Board and Senate member I will
undertake the strategic direction of the organization to allow for critical discussion which
benefits the student community. Additionally, I will work with the president to make sure they
act on their promises, while monitoring the president through executive limitations. As a senator,
I will work towards applying the perspectives of students and my own personal experience to
make decisions with fellow senators. My goal is to utilize my skills and past experiences in
ensuring communication between campuses by promoting more multi-campus initiatives. With
just your votes, I will be able to improve the Laurier Golden Hawk experience.

Adam Kovacs* 
Laurier is a community that has experienced events trying to divide us. With what has happened recently we need leaders to act as role models to unite us. However, the people we have elected to be our role models and help show we are united are divided themselves. That is why, I, Adam Kovacs am running to be a part of the Board of Directors and on the Board of Governors. To recruit better role models, I propose we look at the current election policy and change it to reflect our current values and encourage more leaders to run. I want the election to be more publicized, so people know what is at stake and be excited for the election. Finally, I want to bring back the Board of Directors Vision Committee to interpret what the strategic vision is and the best way to work towards it.

Kawuki Lukwago
Hi, my name is Kawuki Jerome Lukwago. I am a BBA student seeking election for the Board of Directors. Since I began schooling at Laurier, I realized not too many students know of the B.O.D, let alone know the difference between it and the Senate. A true shame, since these organizations were created to represent the student body to the best of their abilities.
In my term, I Intend on tackling some major challenges. First, I aim on creating a transparent board, where most students are informed of the B.O.D and its decisions. Second, better over sight of the president’s actions, financially and ethically to ensure as an employee of the student body, they are not misusing their power. Third, create a B.O.D that is unified internally in-order for effectiveness and efficiency in policy decision making.

Choose me and await a more transparent, vigilant and unified era in Laurier.

Muddassir Raza*
My name is Muddassir Raza, and I am running for a seat on the Board of directors and the appointment of a student senator. As a first-year student enrolled in BBA, I have taken various roles within and outside the Laurier community. For example, I am the Director of Marketing for the Regina Rexes, a representative of the Red Cross Youth Program, and a Beyond the Hurt Youth Facilitator. Furthermost, Wilfrid Laurier University is known for having the best student satisfaction in the country for a very good reason: the students. While in Laurier, I quickly noticed the cordial and hospitable characteristics within Laurier students. The student embodiment of a Laurier student is truly of excellence, and is a great representation of justice and positivity. As a director or senator, I intend on being an envoy of the students; a voice on the board that speaks of student interests.

Shukan Shah*
My name is Shukan Shah and I am a first-year Kinesiology student, running for a seat in the Board of Directors and the position of Student Senator. In my experience at Laurier thus far, I have taken on a leadership role within various departments, including House Council, Kin Kouncil, Society of Undergraduate Research and Outreach, and Residence Athletic Council, while also being a delegate on DECA, and a member of Sports Management Laurier. These involvements allow me to garner many different group opinions across our campus, regarding student experience, as well as department specific concerns. As a director on the board, I would like to use this knowledge to connect Laurier students to the Students Union to continue building upon the Laurier culture, while also advocating for positive change and guiding actions that result in the enhancement of the student experience, to keep Laurier as #1 in student satisfaction.

Brody Spourdalakis
My name is Brody and I hope to represent all fellow Golden Hawks on the Board of Directors. Helping those around me is not only the main pillar in my campaign, but also my life. At every turn, I seek new ways to give back to those around me, and I hope to ensure every Golden Hawk has an equally GOLDEN experience while attending Laurier.

Formerly, I worked as the Managing Director of GradeUp Laurier, an organization that aimed to provide Laurier students with affordable and accessible tutoring. From that I have learnt the importance of listening to student concerns, and addressing them head on. That is why I will aim to open more lines of communication between the union and the students. Bridging that gap is imperative to our ability to work together and foster a diverse and enjoyable culture at Laurier.

Lana Toameh


Pirranavan Vigneswaran*
My name is Pirranavan Vigneswaran and I am a first-year BBA student, currently running for the position of Vice-Chair on the Board of Directors and a seat on the Student Senator. Within Laurier, I have taken the active initiative to obtain a position as the Director of Training, Development, and Communications on House Council and the Volunteer Liaison Officer on the New Democratic Part of Wilfrid Laurier University. Additionally, I have engaged an active role as a volunteer with Autism Ontario, Tri-FUN Kids, and Peel District School Board Parkholme. Additionally, I had the privilege of being the Student Body President of Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School. With the various interactions in the school and community environment, I hope to gain a position on both the Board of Directors and Student Senator in order to apply my personal knowledge and experience towards ensuring Laurier pertains its exceptional title for student satisfaction.

*Indicates a candidate for multiple positions with the same platform summary.


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