Meghan Gauvin

Goodbye to being a student

Leaving Laurier means leaving behind a part of my identity.   This coming June my graduating class and I will walk across the stage at the Sanderson Centre and receive our long awaited diplomas.   Our journey to this point has been […]

I don’t hate the city of Brantford

Brantford doesn’t suck.   As a Laurier Brantford student myself, I understand the weird relationship between Laurier students and Brantford as a city. After spending the last four years in this place I have noticed a trend. Where there is great […]

Technology: obstructing communication

It’s 2017 and now, more than ever before, we’re using technology to communicate with others in our everyday lives. Along with all the conveniences technology has brought society, it has also made it easier to separate ourselves from our actions, leaving no connection between our […]

Why I hate Captain America

I have only seen Captain America: The First Avenger once, and beforehand my roommate had promised me this would be the single greatest superhero movie of our generation. I was greatly disappointed. In all fairness to her, I think I’d […]

Donald Trump: Media Manipulator

Two years ago the laughable ‘rumour’ of Donald Trump running for the Republican Party was a short-held conversation amongst most intellects. The very idea of taking this extravagant publicity stunt seriously was unthinkable, never mind believing it would ever come this far. Today, it’s […]

Federal Candidate Profiles

Marc Laferriere New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate Marc Laferriere was born and raised in Brantford Ontario and has been involved in politics at a local level, since age 14. He believes it is time for his riding to, “go back […]

Laurier’s Hawk Pact

Alongside the typical promises of a high energy time to help first years adjust to student life at Laurier Brantford, this year campus administration is setting forth initiatives to ensure that students are aware of the university’s growing commitment to sexual assault awareness. “We want to […]

Campus Foodie

Admiral Submarine “We serve good food and plenty of it” – Harry Chatzis   Admiral Submarine is located on the corner of Dalhousie and Queen. The twenty-seven year old business is extremely successful according to Hary Chatzis, employee since the […]