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Warm Bodies

– Amber Richardson

Warm Bodies is a new release, and I suggest catching it in theaters while it’s still out. While the whole zombie thing is a little…ok, a lot…overplayed, this was a lovely change to the normal “I’m gonna eat your brains” zombie flick. This flick highlights the decline of the zombie pandemic, and examines what the world would be like if the zombies were a little more human. It’s a hilarious love story, with beautiful shots. Nicholas Hoult did a great job playing a half zombie, which was no easy feat considering it’s never been done. The mix between human and zombie was perfect. Kudos also go out to Jonathan Levine who wrote the screenplay and directed the film, and Isaac Marion for writing the novel that sparked this new revolution in zombie filmmaking. This movie was a funny and wonderfully directed surprise. Two thumbs up.


Vampire Diaries

– Madison Hawkins

Vampire Diaries. How do I even begin to describe this amazingly addictive show? I am not one of those girls who are into the whole vampire/ walking dead/ werewolf craze. In fact, when I was first told to start watching this series on Netflix I laughed and vowed to never watch an episode. But Vampire Diaries is by far the best series ever. I am a little behind, with only being on season two, but the drama, the twists and turns, and of course the sexy vampire boys have me hooked. Every episode brings something new and leaves you staying up until 3 in the morning because you have to know what happens next. The love triangle is so hot, the magic is crazy, and the blood is delicious. Seriously, take my advice and throw every negative thought about vampires out the window. Watch this show. You won’t be disappointed. 5/5


Safe Haven

– Courtney Langstaff

To all the Nicholas Sparks Fans: This movie was amazing. It had the perfect mixture of romance, suspense, laughter and much more. It is in my nature to read the books after watching the film, as it helps me picture the characters more, especially with Spark’s novels. This one was definitely a good non-cheesy chick-flick (can those words actually be in the same sentence? YES.) Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel had excellent on-screen chemistry, and the whole plot was very original. Especially, for those who have not yet read the book, the movie doesn’t give anything away, and the ending literally takes you by surprise. Overall this is a film I would actually see again. I would say of all of Sparks’ novels, this one comes to a close second following The Notebook.  Definitely recommend this film to both girls and guys, because the suspense mixed in with the romance takes you on quite the interesting ride.


Hayden – “Us Alone”

– Stephanie Di Bartolo

Hayden’s newly released album Us Alone proves itself to be the perfect soundtrack for a mellow night with friends. It has the same vibe as Hayden’s past albums but now that the Toronto-based singer/songwriter is finally getting more attention in the public eye, it’s no surprise that this has been his most successful album yet. In my opinion, Blurry Nights is the best track on the record as it portrays Canadian Indie at it’s best. This song alone is proof that it’s a simple as a nice voice and a few acoustic instruments to make a song that can give you chills. Almost Everything is another notable track on the record. The harmonica-filled tuned forcibly puts you in a great mood. All in all this record is beautiful; a nine out of ten, easily.


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