Annual Frosty Fest is a success

Frost Fest
Photos courtesy of Freedom House

Brantford’s fourth annual Frosty Fest was held on Family day weekend in Harmony Square. The weekend long festival, which began on February 16, drew thousands to the downtown area to celebrate the winter season.

Slip and slide
Photo courtesy of Freedom House

A portion of Dalhousie Street was closed to accommodate the crowds as the festival extended outside Harmony Square and onto the street. While the skating rink, central to Harmony Square, remained busy throughout the weekend, the big crowds were drawn to the highlight attractions. Entirely free, the attractions included ice carving shows, horse-drawn trolley rides, figure skating performances and snow slides. The free hot chocolate also drew a long line up.

Jennifer Middleton, Community Events Coordinator for the City of Brantford, says the Frosty Fest is an event initiated by Freedom House and explains that other organizations also plan events at Harmony Square.

“Harmony Square is a public space so anyone can use it. Anyone can hold an event for $275 a day and we are open and inclusive to pretty much any idea as long as rules and regulations are met,” says Middleton.

Harmony Square will be busy in the summer months with various events such as the Telephone City Car Show on July 21, Blues night on August 2 and Brantford’s largest Zumba class on August 24. July and August will have movies screenings on Thursday nights and live music on Friday nights.

“Unfortunately, not many students are around in the summer. March, April and May are our slow months but it is encouraged that students go down there,” says Middleton.

Ice sculpting
Photo courtesy of Freedom House

She encourages students to submit proposals through their University clubs to use Harmony Square for social, fundraising and awareness events.

“We are constantly looking for volunteers, opportunities and partnerships with community organizations and organizations that students feel passionate about and can bring the community together,” says Middleton.

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