A&E Corner: Valentine’s Day favourites

Album: Christina Perri – Lovestrong

– Stephanie Di Bartolo

Whether you’re in a relationship or not on Valentines Day, let’s face it, you turn to music to soothe the mood you’re in to get you through the love-hyped day. The best thing about Christina Perri’s Lovestrong is it will appeal to the single, broken-hearted, in-love, or whatever you may be on that day. Perri has a knack for analyzing every single emotion related to love and turning her experiences with both successful and failed relationships into the most beautiful and unique songs, not only lyrically but musically as well. Whatever feeling you have towards love, there’s a song about it on this album. The best romantic song for the lovebirds, in my opinion, is Arms, and the best heartbreak song is the singer’s very popular Jar of Hearts. This album will always be a 10 out of 10 in my book.


Show: Weeds

– Amber Richardson

Being single around Valentine’s Day sucks. But you know what sucks more? Being a single mom pot dealer who has to do “brick dances” to get drugs. Weeds is my new obsession, and I’ve powered through three seasons in less than a week. It is an awesome pick-me-up when you think life kind of sucks, and a great way to escape from the stress of school. There’s also tons of relationship-y stuff included from teens to moms. Want to know when to have sex with your boyfriend for the first time? Want to know how long to wait to date after your husband dies? Want to know how to dump a DEA agent? Well, all the answers lie within the first three seasons of this hilarious so-messed-up-it’s-probably-true comedy series. If you want to share the sorrow of losing a lover, or you just want justification for smoking pot, this show delivers it all.


Movie: He’s just not that into you…

– Madison Hawkins

With Valentines Day around the corner, romantic comedies and love story movies are being watched by girls everywhere. One movie that I love is Hes just not that into you with Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Connelly. No matter if you are taken or single this movie is a must watch! It has been my go-to Valentine’s movie since it came out in 2009. It takes you on a journey of many ups and downs of different kinds of relationships. You feel every emotion in the book while watching the movie, but at the end you are left smiling and hopeful that you will be someone’s love exception. It’s a lighthearted movie with awesome actors and multiple love stories that anyone can relate to. You won’t be disappointed after watching this movie your heart will be left smiling!

Movie: My Bloody Valentine

– Courtney Langstaff

All right, so I am by no means a V-Day Hater or Cynic. I actually really do secretly love the day and the traditions; I am a big suck at heart. However, I do like to add a Courtney twist to the day of love, the only way I know how: with a cheesy horror flick.  My Bloody Valentine both the original and the remake is one good way to turn the day of love into a cheesy, sexy and thrilling evening. Not to mention the cast includes a couple characters that are quite easy on the eyes for both men and women. So, for all of you people not into a typical V-Day flick that includes Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams and, oh yeah, Ryan Gosling – Check out this film that takes Valentines Day and adds a twist of blood instead of chocolate.

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