Risky gifts, no matter your style

Art by Diane Sison

Valentine’s Day is a day full of hearts and chocolate. It is a day for couples to spend a romantic evening together complete with flowers, jewelry, and a candle-lit dinner. Boyfriends rush around for those last minute stereotypical gifts that won’t disappoint. Men often refer it to as the ‘Hallmark’ holiday, but this is a day that girls dream about all year round. Single girls sit and pout while watching movies like The Notebook when they have no one to share a special valentines kiss with. So us girls, who are lucky enough to have a guy to play along on Feb. 14, should show some sexy appreciation to our men.

Guys don’t want a cute card filled with xo’s. They want to see you in your hottest lingerie and get you between the sheets. So if you’re looking to show your man some love this Valentines Day, try out some of these different sexy outfits.

The Sporty Girlfriend

Go out and buy yourself a new sports bra, one without the padding—so there is just a thin piece of fabric between him and your girls. Pair it with sexy, colour matching lacy underwear and let him help you work up a sweat!

The Cute, Shy Girlfriend

If you’re a little on the shy side, nothing beats a matching bra and panty set. You’ll look polished and well put together. He won’t be able to take his hands off you!

The Classic Sexy Girlfriend

The pricy but classic naughty look is a matching corset that pushes your girls up to your neck, thong, and garter belt and knee-high stockings. Pair with sky-high stilettos and be prepared for your man to pounce like the masculine beast that he is.

The Kinky Girlfriend

Want to spice up the bedroom with a little S&M look? Knee high pleather boots, dog collar, chain g-string and whip in hand. Just make sure your man can handle it.

The Playful Girlfriend

Looking to have a little fun? Dig up one of your old Halloween costumes (think sexy nurse or maid) and play dress up. Your man will love the excitement of role-playing.

The Bare-All Girlfriend

Strip down to your birthday suit. Walk out of the washroom with nothing on, and give him the best surprise gift a guy can ask for.

There are so many options of different valentines attire.

Don’t be afraid to pick the wrong one, pick what you are comfortable with. No man will turn you down… and if he does, well then, maybe you should be rethinking the whole relationship!

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