Aboriginal education week

From March 6 to March 10 both Laurier campuses will be hosting Aboriginal Education Week, welcoming everyone to learn more about First Nations culture and issues.

According to Bonnie Whitlow, the Aboriginal student coordinator for Laurier Brantford, Aboriginal Education Week is “an attempt to raise the profile of Aboriginal issues and Aboriginal people, in the minds of the people on all the campuses,” said Whitlow.

There are different events that take place each day, along with guest lectures in classrooms.

“There is a soapstone carving workshop on March 6, there are various lectures scheduled in different classes and classrooms, people who are doing interesting work and crafts. Really that’s what it is, it’s just an attempt to coordinate with campus staff and faculty to not just celebrate, but educate,” said Whitlow.

The entire schedule is posted on the Laurier online with the times and events, including where and how it will relate to Aboriginal Education Week.

“Heightened awareness of what Aboriginal issues are, what Aboriginal people face in Canada, really North America,” said Whitlow.

“We’ve posted on all the campus bulletin boards. We’ve put it on social media, Facebook and Twitter. We’ve sent information out in the weekly news.”

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