A guide to the perfect gift

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

These are the wise words of Winston Churchill and, especially around the holiday season, they can hold special meaning. Many of us have heard – and found – that there is no better feeling than giving something special to someone we care about. As we grow older and define our priorities, this sentiment can start to hold a deeper meaning. Waking up on Christmas morning and opening a box that holds the computer you wanted inside will likely make you smile, maybe even jump up and down. But shopping, listening to Christmas music and tying a bow on a present you hand picked can bring a whole new kind of happiness – one that could have you smiling all the way into the New Year. Here is your shopping list this holiday season for the different types of people you may be buying for, items that will make this Christmas full of wonderful memories and a heart completely full of love.

For the outdoor adventurist:

People who are always looking for adventure need to at least know how to find it. A new GPS system will allow your outdoorsy friend or family member to explore the world with some directions. There are several types of GPS systems you can research before you make the decision to buy. For outdoor friends, a handheld device is the obvious choice. Walmart offers a range of brands and systems with different features. Make sure to check the one you like best is waterproof and can withstand various weather conditions.

For the entertainment enthusiast:

Electronics are among the most popular group of items bought this time of year, including recent release CDs and movies. Instead of buying the actual CD or DVD, consider gifting a tablet. This technology will allow the person you are buying for to watch movies anytime and anywhere – a guaranteed hit for someone who loves to be constantly entertained. Check Future Shop, Best Buy and Staples for a variety of types your friend will enjoy.

For the activist and volunteer:

Sometimes the most meaningful gift you can give someone is not even for them. If you have a friend who is any type of activist, consider thinking of their volunteer interests when brainstorming gift ideas. If you have a roommate who volunteers at an animal shelter every week, they would likely be thrilled at the idea of you donating some supplies on their behalf. The same is true for people involved with charities. Whether you volunteer your time or make a donation in your friend’s name, giving something that matters to them is a thoughtful way to give a gift that shows you care.

For the fabulous fashionista:

New clothing is an obvious gift choice for the fashion-savvy people in our lives. If you know of an item your friend has been eyeing, then buying a gift will be easy. However sometimes buying clothes for someone other than yourself can be difficult if you are not sure of the person’s taste or size. That is why I am recommending you go a different route this year and plan a fun shopping day with your fashionista-friend. Treat them to a few items they find at the mall; you will be happy knowing you are buying a gift they love and no gift receipt needed.

For the stressed out student:

During the school year, it is easy to get so focused on writing papers, reading textbooks and studying for exams, that you can forget to indulge in a little R&R. Setting up a day at the spa for a stressed out friend could provide the relaxation they need to pass through next term with straight A’s. Whether you arrange a facial, manicure or massage, you will feel good knowing that you gave someone the invaluable gift of leisure. There are several local spas around town that offer a variety of spa services, so be sure to call or look up websites to pick the perfect one for your friend.



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