Hollywood themed gala looks to build on last years success

The second annual Human and Social Science Association (HASSA) and Faculty of Liberal Arts Student Society (FLASS) gala will be taking place on Jan. 27  in the Market Place Mall. The theme will be old Hollywood.

The two faculties help manage the programs within their department to help them improve and become better for present and future students.

“We cover a lot of programs: criminology, health studies, leadership, psychology and game design and it’s just a faculty of association,” said Katerina Kiriakakis, the president of HASSA.

Mahala Valleau, President of FLASS, explained that they are associated with the Indigenous studies, human rights and human diversity, law and society, youth and child studies, social work, society and  environment, concurrent education and digital media and journalism programs.

The two different faculties teamed up once again to put on the second annual gala. This gala provides opportunities for students to socialize and get to know the faculties better.

“I hope to create more student awareness for faculty association, not just us but all the individual [program associations] as well. Not a lot of students realize that we do exist and we’re here to provide opportunities for the students whether that be educational or social,” said Mahala Valleau, President of FLASS.

The gala was a huge success with the student body last year, and this inspired HASSA and FLASS to try to recreate that same energy this year.

“At Laurier Brantford, we are the only two faculty associations. We are the only two presidents to represent … all of the students here, so last year they had done the gala and thought it was a really good idea to have it as a tradition … that’s why we decided to do it again,” said Kiriakakis.

“I was on the committee last year for it and we estimated for about 150 and we ended up selling over 180. It was really successful last year and this year we got sponsored by the Student Life. That’s why it is free for students and we had to put a limit at 250. Having said that, we sold out last week,” said Valleu.

Through the numbers and results of the people who had showed up to the gala there was talk of making the event annual in September of 2016 to make it official.

“Well last year when Mahala and I both met we [agreed] that this was something we wanted to do again. Since September, we’ve been having meetings with the associate Vice President, which is Emily Loewen of Clubs and Associations, and we’ve just been talking to her about making this a reality and actually going through with this,” said Kiriakakis. 

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