Workshop helps students prepare applications for postgrad studies

University is four years of your life dedicated to studying, stressing, and eating mac n’cheese. Some have been successful without a college diploma, but it is clear that education matters. An undergraduate degree will get you places, but for a better chance of landing a solid, well-paying job, you may want to look into obtaining a graduate degree.

On Tuesday, October 1, the career center held an event for those interested in furthering their education: an Applying to Graduate School Workshop.

“Most people go for a graduate degree to further round out their education, or they’re in a particular stream of learning, and they want to continue learning it,” said Thomas Dobozy,  associate dean of graduate and postdoctoral studies.

Jenn Hicks, career consultant, accompanied Dobozy at the workshop where the two had set up a slide show explaining to the small lecture hall of students absolutely everything to do with graduate studies. The two discussed why it’s beneficial to study postgraduate, and the best way to choose the right program.

Dobozy explained to the students how graduate classes are really small, further explaining how graduate studies are an “intimate kind of learning.” Hicks and Dobozy went into very specific detail about different types of programs and what would be required for each type.

“When it comes to practicum and work placement, you end up with a degree, with work experience and hopefully a good reference,” said Dobozy.

They also explained the requirements, how, and when to apply, as they encouraged students to go to the career center to get help preparing their applications.

Anyone is able to view the slideshow on graduate school, online at For career advise, basic resume help, or someone to talk to about what you want to do in the future, make an appointment to visit career counseling at SCJ.

Here are some Q & A’s from the workshop:

Student: “If you know where you want to go, should I just apply there?”

Dobozy: “Remember not to put all your eggs in one basket, not so good to apply to one place. Apply to three or four at the very least.”

Student: “How much would it cost to apply, approximately?”

Dobozy: “Application fees are around a hundred dollars, each.”

Student: “Is it a good idea to apply for a masters at the same school you go to now?”

Dobozy: “It’s better for you intellectually and developmentally to go to another school.”

Student: “How would you know which grad school to go to?”

Dobozy: “If you’re thinking about going to grad school, go talk to a faculty member, a prof you like or a prof you talk to, and they should be able to tell you where the good schools are.”

Student: “Financially is it different per school?”

Dobozy: “Okay, you know it’s much cheaper to live in Waterloo than it is to live in Toronto, if I were you I’d choose to live in Waterloo, but then again if the program is better in Toronto and you can support yourself, pick Toronto.”

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