WLUSP holds Annual General meeting and announces election results

The Wilfrid Laurier Waterloo campus held its annual Student Publications meeting at the Hawks House on February 11 between 6 and 11 p.m. The meeting was streamed live to the Brantford campus in the lobby of the SCJ building. The meeting was also featured on Radio Laurier.

WLUSP President and AGM chair, Dani Saad, hosted the meeting and briefly touched on its various segments. Saad began the meeting by briefly speaking about WLUSP’s background, responsibilities and achievements. Saad provided details about the different organizations under WLUSP, along with progress that has been made and improvements that will be taking place.The technology provided for WLUSP was one of the improvements that Saad spoke about. Furthermore, Saad showed his gratitude to members of staff that helped coordinate the meeting before the next segment commenced.

Details about WLUSP’s financial statements were explained, and brought to attention. Various subjects such as WLUSP’s revenue and expenses from the 2013-2014 term were broken down.

After this segment, the acclaimed board candidates for WLUSP; Abdiasis Issa, Thomas Lillo, John Pehar and Raffey Sattar, introduced themselves and gave brief speeches about the changes they could bring to WLUSP. In addition, the candidates were questioned about various matters concerning WLUSP, along with their own thoughts.

Once the questioning for acclaimed board candidates had ended, the presidential candidates; Emily Crump, Nathanael Lewis and Bryan Stephens, introduced themselves and gave details about their goals for WLUSP. The public also asked them questions.

All candidates then gave closing statements and the results were presented. The board candidates were successfully acclaimed, and Bryan Stephens will be the WLUSP’s President for the 2015-2016 term.

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