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WLUSP Presidential Candidate for 2016-2017


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Meghan Roach  

It is essential that the president and publisher of Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications is an individual who understands for all of our publications to thrive as they currently do, all members must collectively work together. It should be understood that under this umbrella, we are capable of achieving greater accomplishments than we are now. I would like to continue to facilitate a work environment in both Waterloo and Brantford where our volunteers feel comfortable and are able to exhibit their creativity to produce the highest quality of publications. I envision a unified organization to produce consistent content including policies, production processes, and radio.

During my four years at WLUSP I have been a street team member, a DJ, a street team coordinator, the promotions and branding director, and an advertising assistant. These positions have allowed me to see how a team should effectively collaborate in order to reach their end goal.

This past year I have worked as the Radio Laurier Station Manager, which has developed and strengthened my skills in volunteer management as well as given me experience in creating, amending, and presenting a budget. Working with administration as part of the advertising team as well as a department head has taught me how crucial financial responsibility within this organization is.

These experiences have shown me how this organization operates as a whole and it will be my responsibility to continue to grow from relationships that I have previously made throughout student publications and will continue to make.


Board of Directors Platforms 



Abdiasis Issa

It is with a great honour that I announce my re-election the Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications Board of Directors. This year has been my second term on the board, and it has been nothing short of phenomenal. Each and every day I am reminded why WLUSP is not only special but important to the Laurier and Kitchener/Waterloo Community. Our publications have continued to produce yet another year of award winning content and has provided endless possibilities to volunteers and members of WLUSP. Going forward I will work to ensure that WLUSP continues to foster a strong volunteer culture, continue to provide the right and adequate resources for our publications to grow and prosper. Furthermore, having served as Vice Chair for two terms I believe that I have the right experience, a firm understanding of our organization and its strategic vision.



Maddy Cutts

Having served two years as a reporter for The Cord, I have already been fortunate enough to experience the opportunities which WLUSP has to offer. The people I’ve had the privilege of meeting through this organisation have shaped my time at Laurier in ways I never could have anticipated. If granted the honour of serving on the Board of Directors, I promise to work to afford those same opportunities and relationships to others within the organisation. Part of WLUSP’s vision is to provide meaningful opportunities to students, and this can only be achieved by ensuring that as an organisation we are performing at our absolute best. I believe that my enthusiasm for, and dedication to, this organisation ensure that I am in an opportune position to help WLUSP thrive. 




Mynt Marsellus

In my four years at Laurier, I don’t think I’ve been challenged more than in my time with WLUSP. My bosses push me to always do better, think broader, work harder. And while I know there is always more to do and learn, what the people at WLUSP instilled in me was a sense of purpose. The desire to do better, the confidence to know you can, and the drive to get it done. That’s the key to the volunteer experience at WLUSP, and it’s why I want to continue my work on the Board of Directors. To help contribute to the atmosphere that makes this organization such a success.




Matthew Burley

I am excited to announce that I will be running for the WLUSP Board of Directors. If I get elected to the Board of Directors I promise to work hard and do my best to exceed the expectations of my team. I would spend my time focusing of distribution of the budget, creating new ideas and maintaining old traditions at WLUSP. I see myself being a valuable member of the team due to my ability to think outside of the box and to work well in a group. 

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