Why keep your resolutions?

It’s getting to that time in January when people begin to let their New Year’s resolutions fade from their minds. This is especially truthful when it comes to resolutions about working out. As someone who works at the Hawk Desk, I literally see it all unfold. From New Year until about halfway through January, everyone’s all like, “New year, new me,” and the gym is packed. A couple weeks go by and eventually the gym-going population begins to decrease, and last-year-laziness finds its way back to all its owners.  

I support workout resolutions with all my heart, and therefore am here to give you reasons to keep persevering with your resolution. Even if working out wasn’t your resolution, these are also reasons for you to start hitting the gym. 

  1. Adds structure to your schedule. 

More than half the human population functions better with a structured daily schedule, according to Myers Briggs Type Indicator statistics. Having the gym as a commitment in your schedule gives you something to build your day around. It’s also easier to actually get up and go to the gym when it’s a commitment you’ve literally put down into a certain timeslot each day. Make it a mandatory obligation. Treat it like a meeting, class or work shift that you can’t miss. It might be tough at first for those who aren’t regular gym-goers, but after a couple of weeks it will become a familiar, comfortable routine. 

  1. Decreases levels of depression, stress and anxiety. 

According to multiple studies, exercise is vital for maintaining reduced levels of stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression. It improves alertness and concentration. Exercise helps the brain release endorphins, which are chemicals that kill stress. They also help you sleep better – a bonus! In terms of depression and anxiety, recent studies have shown occasional exercise to not be an effective solution for the long-term. However, going to the gym on a daily basis is effective and can make a huge, positive difference. 

  1. Causes you to be more productive.

Combining reasons one and two, exercise helps you to be more productive in every aspect of your day. When you decide to go to the gym at a certain time, you block off that time and now you know what you have to work around and when you’re available to do your studying and assignments. By knowing the specific hours you have vacant to get things done, you are more likely to actually sit down and do it all during that time. When someone has all day to get something done, they’re likely going to spend time doing other things since they “have all day.” 

  1. Helps to feel good overall. 

Exercising is hard work, which is why people feel so good after they do it. It feels like something’s been accomplished. Exercise even helps to feel good physically. There’s barely anything bad that can happen to a human body after a workout, so just living with the feeling that you’re a little bit healthier, a little bit stronger . . . is a good feeling. 


Yes, the Golden Hawk Grind has started. For those who don’t know, the Golden Hawk Grind is a fun competition Wilkes House Recreation runs. Every time you go to the gym, attend a fitness class, or play an intramural game, the Hawk Desk attendants give you a sticker to put beside your name on a big chart on the wall. By the end of the semester, those with the most stickers are entered in a draw to win some sick swag and prizes. So get off that couch and hit the gym, people! 

  1. Surrounds you with a positive environment. 

People who go to the gym are motivated, which are the kind of inspirational people you want to surround your life with. Every person you see at the gym had the energy at one point that day to get out of the house and go through the effort of improving themselves by working out. Let these people inspire you. Be one of them. Being surrounded by these positive influences leads to an overall better attitude.  

  1. You made this resolution for a reason.

We all have different reasons why we make a promise to ourselves to work out. Maybe we want to lose weight, maybe we want to feel healthier, or maybe we just want a new hobby. Whatever the reason may be, remind yourself of it and why you began working out in the first place. Keep it in the back of your mind. Don’t let the act of quitting, laziness or giving up take over. You’re stronger than that! 


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