Hold on to your magnifying glass, light your pipe and put on your thinking cap to solve the  murder mystery at Laurier Brantford.  

The Faculty of Liberal Arts Student Society (FLASS) along with the Law and Society Student  Association (LSSA) is hosting a murder mystery night on March 4 in the RCW lobby at 7 p.m.  Students will have until 9 p.m. sharp to solve who committed the murder, before the murderer strikes again.  

This mystery has been left unsolved by Brantford police and Special Constable Service. The help  of Laurier students is desperately needed to solve this mystery and complete a mission the professionals cannot.  

Sara Sheikh, FLASS president and LSSA co-president has high expectations for the night which  will be full of thrills and chills.  

“It will be a way to lift students’ spirits at the end of the week, move around, socialize and get to  unearth something they’ve never seen before in the RCW/RCE building,” said Sheikh.  

Golden Hawks will be left clues throughout the RCW and RCE lobby to lead them further to the  truth of whodunit. Students will be able to work individually or in a team of two. The only  requirement of the evening is to solve the mystery of who committed the heinous crime before  time runs out.  

“The murder mystery night is a night filled with mystery, requiring logic to work through the clues  to solve the fictional murder before the killer strikes again,” said Sheikh.  

Sheikh is excited for Laurier students to be back on campus and feel the sense of community  Laurier is known for, while solving a mystery and having fun. Sheikh is also eager to experience  a new event while seeing friends and other Golden Hawks in person.  

This is the first event of the Winter term on campus to take place, as well as the first time this  murderous event has been run.  

The anticipation of thrill rings through the air as students get ready to be the next Sherlock  Holmes.  

“If everything is planned right, the night should be filled with excitement, logic, mystery, triumph,  frustration, challenge and competition. Above all, my expectation is that it will be fun for  participants, LSSA, and FLASS,” said Sheikh.  

The evening is free admission and students can begin to register for the evening in the RCW  lobby at 7 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. as they enter the building. Registration will include signing a risk  and responsibility waiver, as well as COVID contact tracing. Masks are required to be worn 

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