Trendy Insider: Colder weather brings the classy casual

When the snow comes along and the temperature drops, the only types of clothes in mind are leg warmers, hoodies, sweats, hats and gloves. But 2012 instead brings a little class and elegance to the winter wardrobe.

The trendy magazine, Glamour, describes a bunch upcoming styles that compliment any figure for any budget.

Infinity & big scarves: Scarves can be trendy, cute and fun on anyone, both guys and girls.  Infinity Scarves are the most ideal because they are easy and look perfect when on. Big and long scarves can go with literally any outfit whether wearing your cozy track pants and hoodies, or dressing down a classy blouse and high-waisted skirt. But what makes this trend even more ideal is that they are sold at pretty much any store, from Walmart to Aritzia, the odds of getting a scarf fit to your liking are high.

Cigarette-Leg jeans & High-Waisted skirts: I know what you are thinking, what does a Cigarette-Legged jeans look like? Pretty much it’s the pant between a Jegging and straight cut jean. This just screams comfy and classy; the reason we usually go for jegging is because they are comfortable and not as starchy and stiff as a regular Levi Jean. There is nothing more sophisticated and chic than a dark Cigarette-cut pair of jeans on dress-down day at the office.  Not only are jeans an item that can compliment any figure, but so does a nice high-waisted skirt. High waisted skirts are flattering and slimming on anyone. Any woman of any size can wear a high-waisted skirt and have the ability to feel comfortable, confident and supported. They are comfy and look stylish; they can mix-and-match with virtually any kind of shirt or tank top, but don’t forget to add the infinity scarf to complete your outfit.

Don’t Forget your polka dots & faux-furred coats: Polka dots are in this winter, extenuate your best features with them on your shirts, cardigans, and even those high wasted skirts. They are cute, fun, and chic this year, so don’t forget to bring them to your Christmas party, they’re a great party favour. But when the weather gets colder, you are going to need a little furry, animal-free, warmth to keep you classy and cozy this year. Faux fur is an elegant way of upgrading your old winter coat. With these types of coats you can be warm while still maintaining a high-classed fashion status. But you don’t have to shop at high-end boutiques to get this look, as one benefit of faux fur is that it is not pricy.  And for all you animal lovers out there, you can look stylish and be warm with peace-of-mind.

Those are just a couple of the biggest trends to look out for this chilly weather and the upcoming winter season. Some other cute ideas are: denim shirts, tuxedo suits for women, long necklaces and strategic colour blocking fabrics.

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