An innovation in the immediacy of pleasure: The Sex Toy Delivery Service

Art by Diane Sison

Have you ever been too embarrassed to walk into your local sex store and shop for exactly what you wanted? Well, problem solved. Heat of the Moment Express ( is a new service that allows you to discreetly order goodies online, without the humiliation of showing your face (as well as embarrassment) in public, by delivering sex store products to your door within an hour.

Roberto Piazza started conceptualizing this idea 25 years ago, when he and his wife were too embarrassed to walk into a sex store and walk out with anything to spice up their sex life.

“We never bought anything because we were too shy,” says Piazza.

Not wanting anyone to suffer the same frustrations, Piazza, and partner Bruno Pistilli, launched last November that provides discreet, yet personalized services for those seeking a little extra oomph in the bedroom.

There are great things for women, men, singles, couples, and trios. From personal masturbators to restraints, anybody can find something to tickle their fancy. There is also a representative online at most times to assist you with your shopping, and the best part: they have no idea who you are.

A goal of the service is to never require people to create an online account, thus remaining as discreet as possible. Shortly after placing your order, a representative calls and confirms that you placed an order for a specific cost (rather than confirming the items). At this point, you can choose to pay by cash or credit card when the delivery person comes to the door. The manufacturer packages your order, without seeing your personal information, and then the delivery person receives your information without seeing your order. Anonymity is key to the business’s brand. allows customers to mix and match products. There are also “Ultimate Packages,” which are exciting pre-bundled items. With the explosion in the popularity of the book Fifty Shades of Grey, twopackages are even offered with a bondage set, and one each for men and women. Closet kinky people rejoice.

Think it’s strange? You can get to know Roberto and the other delivery guys by watching the Heat of the Moment Express reality show on This hilarious show follows the lives and stories of the people delivering your products, and what Piazza says, “…shows how hard we work to get the product to your door.”

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in the world of sex toys behind the scenes, definitely watch the show. The first episode describes the business in detail, along with Roberto’s plan to conceive a show about it. The Lifestyles website introduces you to some fascinating, and extremely animated characters, such as Ms. Kitty, Naked Toni, Bruno, and more. This isn’t just about the sex toy business; it’s about everyone involved who’s making it possible. The show is a quirky, inspiring story about how Roberto went from dreaming about the business, to making it a reality — now unafraid of waving a dildo around in his kitchen for all to see.

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