The Years pave their way to success

St. Catharines, Ontario natives, The Years, are yet another talented group of musicians that have stemmed from the Niagara region and in less than two years the guys have already made quite the name for themselves. Having been the supporting act for bands like Bedouin Soundclash, USS, The Reason, and Dirty Heads, The Years show nothing but promise for the future.

The band consists of Kevin Hodgkins on vocals and guitar, Jeremy Randell on drums, Brad Neufeld on Bass and Adam Trasatti on lead guitar.  All originating from the Niagara region, the boys came together from separate projects and created The Years.

Red Wine and Clarity, the band’s EP (extended play) dropped in March of 2012, and the boys admit that the feedback for the EP has exceeded their expectations.

“We were pleased with what we had created, but we weren’t too sure how it was going to be perceived but, it’s really taken off and we’re really happy with it,” said Randell.

The boys confess that the writing and recording process for Red Wine and Clarity, though passionate, was a marriage of frustrations.

“We actually kind of wrote the songs three times in a row because we were recording it ourselves and we kind of just wanted to get it perfect,” stated Hodgkins. “Every time we broke all the songs down. We’d listen to it after a mix and we would be like ‘this is crap’ so we rerecorded everything again and then the third time we got it,” continued Randall.

The turning point of the EP for the band was their song Casualties, as the boys feel that this track was responsible for influencing the sound for the rest of the EP.

Besides success on the music scene, the boys have also had huge success on Twitter. Acquiring thousands of fans in the span of only a few short months, the band’s following currently exceeds over 13,800 Twitter users from all over the world.

“Twitter just kind of took off for us. We really started being on it daily and putting work into it. Europe and the States for sure have been a huge bump for us,” said Hodgkins.

The success of the band should only continue to increase, both online and offline, especially after the boys release some of their future projects.

“We’re starting to write songs for our debut album which we have kind of a concept for and we’re really excited for, but it’s probably going to take a little bit of time due to the fact that we want to put it out right and we want to make sure it comes out the best way it can,” said Hodgkins. “There will be some more videos coming out and a bunch of other stuff coming out that will keep everybody, hopefully, tied over,” added Randall.

The Years plan to get out on the road soon and hopefully make stops in other countries like the U.S. For now, their EP Red Wine and Clarity can be downloaded for free on their website,

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