Top 5 Hockey Movies

Craig Hagerman, staff

The new hockey film Goon starring Sean William Scott and Jay Baruchel is now in theatres. So far reviews for the movie have been fairly positive. However, in recent years Hollywood has failed to accurately portray hockey throughout film swith failed attempts such as The Tooth-Fairy and MVP, which starred a monkey playing hockey. Let’s take a look at five hockey movies that have given audiences a more enjoyable look at Canada’s beloved sport.

#5: Number five is the Disney film Miracle. Miracle follows the true story of coach Herb Brooks who led the 1980 American Olympic hockey team to a triumphant win over the tournament favourite Soviet Union. The team of young college kids took on some of the best in the world and won in shocking fashion against the Soviets sparking the nickname ‘the miracle on ice’. The movie is an interesting look at the biggest win in American hockey history.

#4: At number four is The Rocket. The movie takes an in depth look at Montreal Canadiens legend Maurice “The Rocket” Richard and the struggles Maurice went through as a French-speaking player playing in an English-speaking league, the NHL. Fans of hockey will be very intrigued by the story, and will have a chance to see a few NHL players who make appearances in the movie, such as Vincent Lecavalier and Sean Avery.

#3: Number three is a hockey movie that most kids grew up with in the 90’s, The Mighty Ducks. The movie is about a lawyer who, after being charged for drunk driving, is forced to coach a peewee hockey team. The movie takes the audience on an adventure as the team goes from the worst in the league to the best as both the players and the coach come together. The movie has a typical sports movie ending, but because of this movie, every kid in hockey has dreamed to pull off ‘The Flying V’.

#2: At number two is Mystery Alaska. The movie centres around a small town in Alaska that is very passionate about their talented local hockey players. One day the team from Mystery is given the opportunity to take on the visiting New York Rangers in a game outdoors. The movie follows the players and residents of the city as they prepare for the game. The movie is a classic and speaks to anyone who is a fan of hockey.

#1: At number one we have an instant classic, Slapshot. Anyone who has seen Slapshot knows that it is extremely funny and by far the best hockey movie ever made. The movie follows a minor-professional hockey team who, after consistently losing, introduces the three Hanson brothers to the lineup, who resort to constant fighting and dirty play to help the team win. Even those who aren’t hockey fans can’t help but laugh from start to finish watching this classic hockey film.


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