Laurier Brantford Ringette Loses the Game, But Gains Experience

Kyle Denton, Sports Editor

The Laurier Brantford ringette team travelled to St. Catherines Monday night to face off against the Brock Badgers, and although the Laurier Brantford girls came away with a loss, the team was encouraged by their own level of play and the quick on-ice camaraderie they developed.

The final score was 9-3 in favour of Brock, with Hannah Skinner, Megan Costello and Kristin Stewart each scoring a goal for Laurier Brantford. But the team said the final score doesn’t tell the real story.

The teams were tied 2-2 going into the second period, and with only two periods being played in ringette, it was shaping up to be a close game. But as the period wore on, the lack of endurance and chemistry of the Laurier Brantford squad began to show as Brock netted six consecutive goals.

Still, the Laurier Brantford girls couldn’t have been happier with the way they played, especially since they have only been practicing once a week since midway through the fall semester.

In speaking on behalf of the team, Kirstie Jones said that their goaltending was exceptional, despite the nine goals scored.

Jones says that goaltender Jodi Skinner was caught in some tough situations near the end of the game when the teams defensive system began to falter. Jones says the team is eagerly anticipating their next practice in order to take what they have learned from their game and begin to apply it to the team philosophy.

One thing the team needs to work on, she said, was breaking out of the defensive zone. In the second period they had a difficult time moving the ring out of their end which cost them.

Jones also stated the team has to cut down on their long cross ice passes and focus more on shorter passes to help carry the neutral zone. All in all the team is exceptionally proud of their performance and feel as though the Laurier Brantford ringette team is really beginning to take off. Only having started this year, the ringette team has developed rather quickly, and hopes to join the extramural ranks in the 2012-2013 school year.

The Laurier Brantford ringette teams next game is March 11 against McMaster University.

The game will be played in Paris and the team considers this the closest thing to a home game for them. The girls hope to see the campuses support come game time and can’t wait for another opportunity to prove themselves on the ice.

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