The Yellow Brick Wall aims to spark discussion

On March 6, 2017 Heather Vollans, a Australian artist living in Brantford, unveiled her “Copper Mine” exhibit at the Yellow Brick Wall.

The exhibit features 20 different pieces of art which is entirely made all of copper.

Vollans found inspiration in colour.

“A paint colour called ‘Copper Mine’. It’s a really beautiful colour and it’s the colour of the Australian desert. I’m from Australia, so it’s one of my all-time favourite colours.”

After months and months of research Vollans explained that she, “could go on for the next ten years carrying on this research and still not say everything I wanted to say.”

Laurier consistently uses the Yellow Brick Wall as a space for artists to display is a space where artists can display their work. Heather Vollans believes that they are “streets ahead of many others, because they’re already thinking that this is important for the students as well as the wider community” to understand current events and concerns.

Her biggest desire is for “the students [to] see it, and that it would start a discussion”, said Vollans. Her pieces are meant to provoke thought and “make people think where it might have come from, and why [she] used those materials.”

The exhibit is available at 97 Dalhousie St. (DAL) from March 6 until March 23. The Yellow Brick Wall seeks to encourage Laurier students and Canadian artists to start dialogue about current major events and explore the diverse cultures within the community.

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