The Revnantrocks box office with stunning realism

The Revenant has been dominating box offices globally with its action packed true story.


The running joke of ,“will DiCaprio ever win an Oscar” may have finally been answered with his new film The Revenant. Having raked in 150 million dollars globally since its release on Dec. 25, the movie has received 12 Oscar nominations including best actor in a leading role, best supporting actor, and best picture. In addition, The Revenant brought in three Golden Globes out of their four nominations. One of said awards was for DiCaprio, giving him best performance by an actor in a drama.


Although DiCaprio was fantastic, Tom Hardy deserves equal recognition for his role. The Revenant serves as a shining example of his skill as an actor and how he can handle such diverse roles. Just looking at roles Hardy has played this year shows how wildly different he can become between roles. Mad Max: Fury Road was an incredible picture, but side by side comparisons of Hardy as John Fitzgerald versus him as Max Rockatansky make him look like two completely different people.


This is where the article is going to get riddled with spoilers, this is your only warning. Gist of it is, the film is definitely worth seeing and has earned all its nominations.


The best phrase to sum up the majority of the movie is Leo DiCaprio has terrible luck in the woods. During his time in the woods DiCaprio shines, as well as where the film in general is packed with action and nail biting moments. The movie starts off artsy and maintains that aspect when Glass (DiCaprio’s role) has visions of his dead wife. These visions might be better explained in the book, but in the film itself go unexplained and serve as a huge point of intrigue.


The film does not shy away from bloodshed by any definition. It starts this off with a Pawnee raid on Glass’ trapping camp. Arrows fly, axes chop, blood everywhere, great scene. This leads to a lull until Glass gets attacked by the bear. This scene was very well done and feels like a real bear attack. This leaves Glass half dead and with huge complications. For example, the scene where he tries to drink water but has trouble because of the hole in his throat. That was a fantastic case of make up effects and one of the greatest points of realism in the film. However, the most realistic scene was the fight between Glass and Fitzgerald at the very end. The camera work, blood spray, acting, everything made it feel like a well filmed Worldstar Hip Hop fight.


Between Glass being found alive and the very last fight scene is a bit of a dry spell in terms of action. But the scene itself makes up for it, and ends very well with the Chekov’s Gun Pawnee woman that Glass saved from being raped.


Long story short, The Revenant deserves every scrap of recognition it gets.

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