The personal benefits of travelling

Money is tight as a student. We can’t afford to live lavishly because education is the priority. You barely have enough funds to make sure you are properly fed. Understood. However, besides working, a lot of students have an idea of what they want to do when they graduate. Travelling is the most common subject I’ve heard discussed between students at Laurier Brantford. If you are a student that is considering travelling after school, I salute you. If you are not, you should know that travelling can be a satisfying experience. Wouldn’t you like to know what the world has to offer besides heaps of snow?

Each and every time I have travelled somewhere, something about me has changed. Even if it were just a short trip between Toronto and Montreal, I have experienced things that will benefit me for life. You’re going to hear a lot of students that want to travel for superficial reasons. Shopping and dining may leave you with some long-lasting memories, but the knowledge you can gain about yourself through travelling is priceless. Also, I won’t lie, I am someone that has prioritized shopping throughout my travels. I’m also yet to regret it.

The first few years that I spent in Canada were some of the toughest years I have had in my life. I had to adapt to a new culture without any help. Culture shock was something that I had to deal with on a daily basis. When I look back on it now, I don’t think I can recall an experience that has benefited me the most. My travel experiences have been the same ever since. The first time I travelled to the Netherlands, I was surprised to see how people lived.

The attitudes and lifestyles of people around the world are so different, and a lot of us do not get to experience it. As humans living in a Western country, it’s easy for us to make assumptions about the way others live. This habit encourages ignorance about different cultures. However, travelling will force your mind to expand and allow you to understand the different lifestyles that exist.

I can wholeheartedly say that I understand myself better as a person because of travelling. I have a better understanding of why I think the way I do. I’ve been privileged to see  the differences in people. Travelling has allowed me to see that there is something to learn in every country. I highly recommend that you one day give it a try.

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