The issue with BLM Toronto

Black Lives Matter is supposed to be a movement that supports and unites black people worldwide. It is also supposed to remind people that the lives of black people matter, in a time when they have been framed as worthless. Furthermore, the purpose is to fight against injustice, and fight for equality without using the same discrimination that was used against black people. Unfortunately, Black Lives Matter Toronto aren’t making the best reputation for themselves.

Black Lives Matter Toronto have made rounds across social media for their controversial actions. Their outcries have been portrayed as the same discrimination that they are fighting against. On Feb. 4, Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder, Yusra Khogali held a protest in front of the American Consulate in Toronto, along with other members of the organization, according to BlogTo. The demonstration was a response to U.S President, Donald Trump’s travel ban. During the demonstration, Khogali called Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau a ‘white supremacist terrorist’, according to blogto. Khogali expressed her views about Trudeau and his liberal agenda to the crowd that surrounded her. This is not the best way to prove a point in a country that takes pride in its diversity. Especially since Trudeau himself publicly endorsed diversity in Canada, according to Global News. Khogali’s remarks can be categorized as discriminatory, which contradicts the purpose of Black Lives Matter Toronto.

This isn’t the type of followup Black Lives Matter Toronto need after interrupting Pride Toronto’s parade during the summer last year. The purpose of crashing the parade was because it included police floats, and because it didn’t promote equal rights for gay black people, according to the Toronto Star. I can understand the motive behind this due to past situations that have occurred between police and black people in Canada. However, crashing a parade is unnecessary.

I stand by Black Lives Matter and understand what the movement is trying to achieve. However, I don’t think the movement in Toronto have been going about it the right way. There are enough stereotypes of black people in this country. Controversial actions such as this will further perpetuate these stereotypes. Protests and demonstrations are for spreading knowledge and encouraging unity not just among black people, but among all people that are against racial discrimination. It shouldn’t be used as a platform to spew out hateful remarks and racial slurs.

Another example of where Black Lives Matter Toronto went wrong was when Khogali tweeted, “Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today. Plz plz plz.”According to CBC News. Should people expect to take a leader of a movement seriously when they are tweeting things like this?

Black Lives Matter Toronto doesn’t need any of its leaders preaching any kind of hate. It won’t achieve anything and it is giving black people a bad reputation in Canada, a country that encourages diversity. The organization should continue to fight against racial prejudice, and at the same time, leave the hate behind.

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