The Featured Artist: Lekha Sriragurajah

How long have you been drawing for? Is it something that you stumbled upon or did someone influence you? What are some of your other artistic outlets?


I have been drawing ever since I was a child, as I always had an interest in art. It was something I stumbled upon when I realized that I am able to express my feelings and emotions through different artworks. Some of my other artistic outlets are dancing and drama. I have done classical dancing, Hip-Hop, and Tamil Gaana dancing as well as partaking in dramas when I was young.


Do any aspects of everyday life influence your work? If so, what are these influences? 


From my everyday life, nature and listening to music influences my work. The natural beauty of the world amazes me; I have always seen it as a beautiful painting. Music is another great way of expression, so listening to different genres of songs inspires me to draw.


Who are some of your professional influences?


As a child, the Group of Seven influenced me. This well-known Canadian group made me feel proud to be a Canadian. Their artwork of capturing natural beauty further influenced me to continue drawing. I remember learning about them on a field trip in elementary school, and that’s where my passion to draw grew even more.


How much attention do you pay to detail? What are some techniques youve learned that allow you to really zone in on these things?


I pay a lot of attention to details, as I believe they contribute to the bigger picture no matter what. For me, every detail counts, and I make sure each one of my artworks are drawn to perfection. Some techniques I have learned include sketching lightly for a first copy before finalizing my ideas, and how to take control of my pencil. Sketching allows me to correct my mistakes when it comes to drawing my final copy. Learning how to take control of my pencil helps me draw all the important details of a picture.


What is one of your favourite things to draw?


One of my favourite things to draw are characters from movies, as I find it fun to recreate them in my own way. The number of comments I get from how real my drawings look makes me really happy.


How would you define your style in three words?


I would define my style as neat, spontaneous, and to perfection. I seem to draw out of nowhere as soon as I get an idea or motivation, and when I do, I draw with perfection and never stop until the end of the day. Once I start drawing, I never like to take a break until I am satisfied with my work.


Who are some people that have shown you support over the years?


My parents, sister and friends have shown me support with my art over the years. Their support makes me confident and encourages me to continue drawing. Without their support, I would have never developed my passion towards art as far as I have.


Have you ever sold any of your work before? If so, how did it make you feel and if not, would you ever want to?


I never sold my work but I have drawn and given my work to people as gifts. It feels special to give gifts that are made with my own effort. It feels almost sad giving away an artwork that you fell in love with, but the joy received from the other person’s appreciation for such a gift makes me extremely happy and proud. In the future, I would love to sell my artwork as it shows me that others also fall in love with my work and are willing to pay a price for it.


Where do you see your art at in the next five years?


In the next five years, I see my artwork being displayed in the homes of those that I give my drawings too, whether as gifts or sold to those who have a great appreciation for my artwork.


Is there anywhere that people can check out your work?


People can check my work on my Instagram or Twitter page @lekha_rajah. All works I submitted for Blueprint Magazine are also displayed in the Meta and Looking Forward, Looking Back issues.

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