The Cosby dilemma you didn’t know existed

Accusations of Bill Cosby drugging and sexually assaulting over forty women have raised legal and moral questions for me. As a student expecting to begin law school next year, I can’t help but question the facts of this case. I’m going to play “devil’s advocate,” and say things about this case that many people are afraid to say.


Fortune Network estimated that Cosby is worth an estimated $400 million. This raises suspicion as to why these women have decided to come forward now. I understand that experiencing sexual assault is difficult to report, but why is the alleged assault being reported over forty years later?


Cosby admitted to drugging the women but argued that the sexual acts were voluntarily by both parties, and I don’t think that there is enough current evidence to prove otherwise. Cosby has given over $100 million to black causes and although this does not excuse his actions, he definitely deserves the benefit of the doubt.


Following the accusations, Cosby has been stripped of various forms of sponsorship, stand-up comedy shows and reruns of The Cosby Show have been canceled. It is unfair that this has happened due to allegations that have not been proven. We can’t convict someone and make a decision on a case based on  statements from victims without direct evidence. Although, this type of evidence is difficult to uncover given that the alleged sexual assaults took place over 40 years ago.


I think the Cosby case shows that society and people continue to be tainted by racism. For example, 7th Heaven’s Stephen Collins, who is white, admitted to molesting and exposing himself to children and yet the show continues to be aired. Why is it that only The Cosby Show has been canceled and his image destroyed over unproven allegations? This angers me because Cosby’s legacy and good deeds have collapsed over these allegations but Collins has not experienced the same negative judgment and backlash from society. Personally, I question why self admitted child molesters are allowed to be shown on television but shows starring individuals who are yet to be proven guilty are not allowed? I think that everyone should be equal before the law and be judged under the same rules that do not differ based on one’s race. I am in no way condoning Cosby’s actions because rape should never be tolerated in any nation. However, unless it can be proven that the sexual interactions were forced, it is wrong to assume one’s guilt without proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

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