By Stephanie DiBartolo, The Sputnik’s watchdog of the local, national and everchanging music scene. On this week’s agenda:

Indie girls make the world go round

  1. Serena Ryder – “What I Wouldn’t Do”
  2. Mise En Scene – “When I Met You”
  3. Boy– “Little Numbers”
  4. Ellie Goulding – “Figure 8”
  5. Kitten – “Cut It Out”

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I’m Steph! I’m an Arts & Entertainment writer who lives and breathes music. I have a passion for both live music and writing which has led me to working towards my dream career as a music journalist. My happy place is standing in a crowd of people singing along to my favourite songs! I am also an avid tattoo lover and love reading about tattoo culture in my spare time.

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