Album profile: Hollerado – White Paint

Some of Canada’s favourite boys from Hollerado released their latest effort, White Paint, on February 26 and I must admit I am pleasantly surprised. As a fan myself, I eagerly awaited the release of this album for months and it was definitely worth the wait. Not only does it carry on the same indie/rock vibe from their first studio album, Record In A Bag, but it seems the boys have learned a lot while touring and writing new songs and it really comes across in these tracks. My personal favorite on the record is Pick Me Up because it’s such a positive and upbeat track that will instantly put you in a great mood. Don’t Think is another track that deserves recognition for it’s fresh and unique rhythm that embodies that famous Hollerado sound. The boys then know how to slow it down with Just Conversation, which has an extremely raw and unedited sound. This album is easily a 10 out of 10, beyond expectations.

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