A&E Corner: Addicted to sitcoms

The Sputnik A&E staff shares their favourite sitcoms, from sci-fi to series.


– Amber Richardson

This week I want to highlight a very unlikely TV show for me, Fringe. I’m not usually into sci-fi, but what happens in this show is so highly unlikely, that I actually like trying to keep up with the bizarre happenings and cases of Olivia Dunham. The show is based in Boston, where the Fringe division of the FBI investigates things from pyrokinesis to vampiric syphilis. The FBI employs a scientist that has been locked in a mental institution for almost two decades, and his nomadic criminal son to assist in solving the crimes and putting an end to the biological attacks. I like this show because of how far fetched it is, when I want a fresh break from reality, I turn to this show for a taste of some of the crazy things people can cook up in their heads.


Sons Of Anarchy

– Courtney Langstaff

One Word: Watch. This is by far one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. For those of you lucky enough to have Netflix getting yourself in to and catching up to the current season is very easy. My family and I literally power watched four seasons of this show in a month’s time.  This show is about a motorcycle ‘Club’ called the Sons of Anarchy that deal guns to other big and notorious gangs around the world from the I.R.A (Big Irish Mafia) to the Cartel themselves, this is one old-school gang you do not want to mess with. But it is more than just the illegal activities they embark in, it’s about the characters, each one you love for all different reasons, and you become quickly attached to them. So I definitely recommend this show if you want to watch a bunch of good looking biker dudes having a bad ass time.


How I Met Your Mother

– Madison Hawkins

This is yet another series that I am so far behind on. I constantly heard people talking about how hilarious it is but never had the interest of sitting down and watching an episode, until now. Netflix is addicting, with so many shows to watch for only $7.99 a month, there was no excuse for me to not give this show a chance. Now let me tell you, I am addicted. I can’t go a full day without a dose of the hilarious couple Lily and Marshall, playboy Barney, commitment phobic Robin, and the hopeless romantic Ted. When I am watching the show I feel like I am part of their circle of friends and can picture who in my real life would be each of these characters. It is almost like the new version of Friends, with a little more comedy and a little less drama. Honestly take the time to watch an episode and you will be just as hooked as I am.

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