The Acade-money Awards: a 2020 Oscars review




I dislike awards shows in general, not because of lack of representation or the incredibly annoying political commentary of those who win the awards. 

No, I dislike awards shows because the main determinant of the winners is not because of talent or exceptional artistic contribution, but rather how much the studios, networks, and actors use money to influence the votes in their favour. 

Something many people don’t know is that directors and producers will campaign their movies to win, similar to a political campaign.

 Yes, I’m ruining the Oscars for you, but I’m not Adam Conover from Adam Ruins Everything, so I digress. 

The Oscars this year had the usual red carpet fashion flex, nothing special in particular and if anything an excuse for magazines to judge and body shame celebrities. 

As I forced myself to watch it all I could hear are the obnoxious yelling of photographers as they instruct the celebrities on their poses. 

I will give the Oscars some good points this year though. The first is the fact that Parasite won the award for best picture. Yes, this is iconic since this is the first non-English film to win an Oscar. 

To those thinking that they only won this because of diversity points, this is not true. Parasite was actually an amazing movie, everything from the director, the music, and the writing was absolutely award-worthy. 

Yes, I’m ruining the Oscars for you, but I’m not Adam Conover from Adam Ruins Everything, so I digress.

President Donald Trump sure had something to say about their win stating, “what the hell was that all about … we’ve got enough problems with South Korea with trade, on top of it they give them the best movie of the year?”

If only people like this dim-wit understood that trade and politics should not impact an award show supposedly based on talent and artistic excellence. Not all fantastic movies have to be made by white Americans. 

The other nominees for best picture deserved to be there though. For example, Jojo Rabbit was an amazing comedy showing both the innocence of children, and how absolutely absurd racism is in the real world, a lesson many need to learn to this day. 

1917 was a fantastic movie depicting the horrors and challenges soldiers faced in the First World War, with amazing A-list actors. 

Joker was an amazing portrayal at the background of a long-time favourite comic book villain. 

I’m proud of Joaquin Phoenix  for winning best actor, since he did an amazing job in that role. I remember watching Joker with my friends and just being absolutely captivated with his wide range of laughter from psychotic rage laughs to uncontrollable, wheezing, depressed laughter. 

He pushed his body and mind to the limit, and as a person who used to act I can admire that. Phoenix made Arthur Fleck  seem completely relatable and we pitied him while still heavily cringing at many of his actions and his spiral into madness. 


Props to Brad Pitt for winning best supporting actor, however I despise Once Upon a Time In Hollywood for its wrongful portrayal of Bruce Lee. 

Bruce Lee was not a cocky, arrogant man constantly challenging people to fight, it was the other way around. He was also a giant role model to Asian-American/Canadian kids like me who had nobody else to look up to. Growing up, Asians were constantly cast into stereotypes or yellowfaced by white actors. 

The night became interesting as Eminem came on stage to everyone’s shock as he performed his songs which were long overdue from his Oscar win for best original song in 2003. 

It only took 17 years. Better late than never though, and a lot of the crowd sang along including myself. 

I will give my favourite performance to Billie Eilish though and you can hate on her all you want but I got to admit that she’s got talent and her In Memoriam segment touched me. 

She hated it herself and views her performance as trash but I loved her cover of Yesterday by the Beatles. Her voice was just right for that sorrowful mood in mourning people who touched many hearts.

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