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Listen up, all you coffee lovers at Laurier! Wondering where to get the best coffee for the most reasonable price? Well, there are a variety of coffee shops and cafes right in your area which just might warrant a sip. So sit back and let my review steep through your senses.

On the corner of Queen and Dalhousie is where Admiral Submarine can be found. Here, for a mere $1.46 you can get a large cup of what is said to be “The Best Coffee in Town,” although some may beg to differ. Having somewhat of a watery texture and bland aroma, it doesn’t provide an overly thrilling taste. But if a lighter-tasting coffee is up your alley, then a small or medium would probably suffice.

Just a few doors down from Admiral’s is Coffee Culture, where you can indulge in a cup of culture for the reasonable price of $1.46 for a small coffee. With your choice of either medium or dark roast, it is certain that your taste buds and your wallet will always be satisfied.

Just a 10 minute stroll from the downtown core to the Brant Avenue Heritage District will land you at Blue Dog Coffee Roasters, a casual and cozy cafe. Although prices are a bit steep at $1.52 for just a small 12oz cup of coffee, the aroma and rich, full taste is worth the extra expense. Other size options such as a medium 16oz, and a large 20oz are available for getting your caffeine fix. Blue Dog is open till 10 pm on weekdays, making it a very appealing coffee option for students with difficult schedules.

Upon entering Williams, it’s clear that this is the primary place to go for coffee in the downtown area. For $1.52, you can receive a medium coffee that makes for a rather satisfying experience. In every size cup, an enticing aroma and smooth taste is always provided. Right across from Therapy Lounge along the Market Street walkway, students can drop by Williams anytime till they close at 10 pm.

Then there’s the faithful standby coffee shop, Tim Horton’s, of which there are two locations around the downtown core. The most accomodating option is a small, but high traffic store inside the Darling Street bus terminal, while a more distant yet roomy Timmy’s can be found across from the casino on Icomm Drive. Students can stop by Tim Horton’s to grab a large coffee for the price of $1.52. Keeping true to their “Always Fresh” slogan, their coffee is no disappointment. Brewed every twenty minutes, you can be sure to be satisfied with pure and wholesome taste. Open till 11pm, with round the clock drive thru, Timmy’s gives students the convenience of grabbing a coffee on the go whenever some extra energy is needed.

Whether you need a caffeine fix, a tasty beverage, or just a place to hang out in between classes, there are lots of freshly brewed options in the downtown Brantford area – just follow your nose!

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