Previewing Fall’s new TV

Up All Night
Christina Applegate and Will Arnett return to television as a married couple at the top of their professional careers who have their lives turned upside down by a baby. The show seems funny enough and has good potential, but Arnett and Applegate don’t exactly have the best track records for long-running shows. Does anyone remember “Samantha Who?” and “Running Wilde”?

New Girl
“New Girl” sends Zooey Deschanel to the small screen in a comedy about a quirky young woman who has recently split from her cheating boyfriend and moved into an apartment with three random guys. The show will undoubtedly have some romantic connections between Deschanel’s character and her new roommates as they get to know each other. But be warned, if you hate the usually sarcastic and hipster-like characters Deschanel portrays in most of her movies then you’ll probably not like her character in “New Girl” either.

The Playboy Club
“The Playboy Club” portrays fictionalized accounts of the employees- or the “Bunnies” as they are better known- of the first Playboy Club set in 1960s Chicago. Although the series has already received a lot of negative criticism for its portrayal of male dominance and the acceptability of prostitution, the risks will pay off big since it definitely has Emmy potential.

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