Ten “green” newsmakers of 2010-2011

10. Green “P” for parking

Parking can be a complicated issue for Laurier Brantford students. Getting tickets is common and parking for class can be difficult. Let us be thankful though, that we live in a city with such a high standard of parking control.

9. The Canadian dollar

The Canadian dollar has seen plenty of green on the markets in 2010. The loonie traded at an average of $1.08 with the U.S. dollar, never trading less than 99 cents. Border-city outlet malls were abuzz this past year.

8. The Green Hornet

Another Seth Rogan comedy had interested fans flocking to the theatres to see an unlikely hero conquer evil this year. Seth Rogan sports a radical green car and a Zorro-themed costume. I must say, it is pretty cool. This Kick-Ass-like feature received mediocre reviews, but was outrageously funny and is at least worth renting or streaming by any Laurier Brantford student.

7. Earth Hour

This year, Earth Hour takes place on March 26 at 8:30 p.m. Earth Hour is a global “green” initiative to raise awareness about conserving energy. The slogan for 2011, “It’s time to go beyond the hour,” is an effort to get people to commit to conserving energy more often than once a year.

6. Radiation

The recent tsunami in Japan put the global eye to the country’s nuclear plants. The plants have the potential to become the worst nuclear disaster in more than 20 years – the last and worst ever being the nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl, Russia in 1986. This story is nowhere near done making headlines this year.

5. Laurier Brantford’s Eco-Hawks

This WLUSU-run team helped Laurier Brantford stay green this school year. This volunteer opportunity for students helps create awareness for environmental issues and works to make the Brantford campus more environmentally friendly. Keep it up, Eco-Hawks!

4. The Green Jacket

Seldom do I pay attention to PGA golf tournament aside from the Masters. Maybe it’s something about the way the fairways twist around the trees on Augusta, Georgia’s famous course, the Augusta National Golf Club. Past winners include Tiger Woods and Mike Weir, the unlikely Canadian champion of the 2003 tournament. Each year a green jacket is awarded to the tournament’s victor and this year’s jacket went to Phil Mickelson.

3. Green Zone

This movie has everything that we have come to love about Matt Damon movies – action, intrigue, suspense and mystery. Set in present day Iraq, this political thriller follows the discovery of weapons of mass destruction, or lack there of. The gathering of false intelligence and cover up makes this movie very interesting. What truly happens in the Green Zone of the war in Iraq? Watch it and find out. The film, directed by Paul Greengrass, is one to have in your personal collection.

2. St. Patrick’s Day at university

St. Patrick’s Day is the one day each year when wearing all green and drinking large amounts of alcohol at the same time is okay. The spirit exhibited by Laurier Brantford students on March 17 spotted the downtown streets of Brantford with green. At night, the green party at Club NV showed just how we do it here at Laurier Brantford.

1. The Green Bay Packers: Superbowl Champs!

The Packers won their first Superbowl in the post-Brett Favre era this February. Students around campus joined another 163-million people around the world that watched at least a part of the game. Green Bay, one of football’s most storied franchises, played in and won the first-ever Superbowl in 1966. Fast forward 45 years and the Packers have captured their thirteenth title.

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