A hello and a goodbye

This is my hello: to Allie Leonard, our incoming Brantford Manager of Operations at WLUSP Brantford, and to Kyle Brown, our outgoing, long-time Sports Editor and incoming, long-overdue Editor-in-Chief. These are two smart, hard-working, dedicated people, and I think that The Sputnik and, indeed, WLUSP Brantford will flourish under their leadership. Good luck, you two, although you will hardly need it.

And this, sadly, is my farewell: to loyal (and infrequent) Sputnik readers; to my wonderful and talented staff; to my some of my favourite faculty members (shout out to my learned homies like Bruce “Big Dog” Gillespie, Sue “Fergie” Ferguson, and Steve “I Hardly Knew Ye” Buist); and to the campus itself, which feels more like home to me than home ever did.

It’s quitting time at the scholarly factory and on the other side of the gate, bathed in the dying light of a setting sun, Life is waiting in a beat-up old Volvo with a full tank of gas. I’ve never been ready before; I’ve been more than happy to stay in the factory, working overtime, safe and secure. But for the first time in my life, I’m ready to take a ride.

Scott Blacklock

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