Sounds Good!

Architects – The Here and Now

This album’s sound has a bass driving, snare-snapping beat that hooks ears. When the drums halt, screaming vocals are given a backdrop of melodic guitars and heavy bass. The song names are less than impressive (track 5 is the poetically named “An Open Letter to Myself”), but the lyrics in each tune are easy for listeners to connect with. The intense screaming will tear a hole in your soul and allow for these powerful, pure vocal to fill the void. A sound that is the kindling to any mosh pit and a must need in any post-hardcore or underground collection.

Dinosaur Bones – My Divider

Every song on My Divider is a bone of a different shape that comes together to complete the intricate skeleton of this eleven track album. The band uses buried treasure by cherry-picking songs from past EPs to create their debut album that also includes several new songs. My Divider may be the Toronto-based band’s first full-length album, but they show experience beyond their years.

Britney Spears – Femme Fatale (COMING SOON)

Britney’s back, bitches! Watch out Ke$ha, Dev and all you other party artists because Britney’s hot new sound is going to be a regular in the clubs from here to Ibiza. Making the move from the tabloids back to music, her comeback is the complete opposite of Lil Kim’s—absolutely amazing. It’s still early, but don’t be surprised if this is one the best dance albums of 2011 and probably one of the best overall albums of the year, too. To all you Spears lovers, there isn’t a single song you should anticipate the most because the entire album is one to look forward to. And to all you Spears haters (I know there’s a few), be prepared to be converted. The albums set to release on March 25th, but those who can’t wait can check out some early leaks online.

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